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  • Day 20

    Day 20: what's next?

    “Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
    –Malcolm X

Almost there.

Each day was a theme about what might come up during your tolerance break. We moved from the immediate to the future. We went from problems to possibilities.

How’d it go? Were there themes in this guide that helped? Other themes that fell flat?

As a recap, take some time to think about how this process went for you. Revisit themes that might have been a hit or miss. Are they still?

What next? What was your original purpose?

  • If it was to reduce your tolerance… you’ve done it.
  • If it was to see if you could do it… you’ve done it.
  • If it was to see how you felt without THC- well… how do you feel?

(If it was to get clean for a pee-test…you are likely good, but if you were a heavy daily partaker- you might need five weeks to be completely safe. The exact science still eludes us.)

It is probably a good idea to make t-breaks part of your routine: a weekend every month, or a month every year. As a community I hope we come to promote this aspect of balance. Take a moment to plan your next break now.