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  • Day 18

    Day 18: connecting up

    “Gunna keep on trying
    Till I reach my highest ground”
    –Stevie Wonder

Infinity exists in multiple directions. There is the infinitely large, and the infinitely small. An infinity above, and an infinity below.

Below us is the earth. Our roots stretch out and anchor us. They grow and connect us to others. Above us is the sky. Our hearts and minds can reach up and connect us to an infinity above.

Do you believe in that infinity?

(Forgive me if not. Many folks believe in some version of that infinity: the energy around us, God, or spirits. I am not assuming that because you use cannabis and were interested in a tolerance break, that what you really want is a guide to enlightenment. But it is worth addressing here since there is a power in connecting to something greater than ourselves.)

This theme isn’t so much about cannabis. It is more about you and the connection to something inside, above, and all around you. Your connection to this infinity is well worth contemplating:

  • When do you feel most connected?
  • Is there space in your life for quiet and reflection?
  • What activities and relationships support you in this?