Study Reveals Striking Decline of Vermont’s Bumble Bees

A new study examining 100 years of bumble bee records reveals that almost half of Vermont’s species, which are vital pollinators, have either vanished or are in serious decline.

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A science student sits opposite Vermont Public Radio host Jane Lindholm, talking into microphones in a studio.

Science Students Test Their Stories—at Vermont Public Radio

To most people, the professional language of science is about as inviting as a pair of cement dancing shoes. It can be cold, opaque and downright bewildering. Got “in-situ cosmogenic nuclide exposure dating techniques?” But many of the greatest stories of our time lie hidden under this kind of jargon—moonshots, new vaccines, climate change solutions, how water striders do that thing.

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Musbah Shaheen

UVM Student Named NECPA Graduate Student of the Year

The New England College Personnel Association (NECPA) has named Musbah Shaheen as their Graduate Student of the Year. 

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