Progressive Ministry

Alumnus earns pioneering appointment in United Church of Christ
Rev. Darrell Goodwin stands in church, with arms crossed in pink shirt, smiling to camera

As a teenager, Darrell Goodwin began composing his own sermons, recording them in his bedroom on the South Side of Chicago, then having his grandmother listen and give feedback. Asked if she offered a critical or a tirelessly supportive ear, Goodwin laughs, and says that her fundamental lesson was engaging the listener. “She would tell me, ‘Start hot, end hot, then sit down,’” he remembers.

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UVM, Grossman School of Business, Srini Venugopal

UVM’s Sustainable Innovation MBA Named a Top 10 Better World MBA

The University of Vermont’s Sustainable Innovation MBA (SI-MBA) program in the Grossman School of Business has been named among top 10 sustainable business MBA programs in the world by Corporate Knights, a leading sustainable business magazine. The program consistently ranks among the top 10 of the magazine’s annual “Better World MBA” ranking, and has held the No.

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Orb weaver cows walking through a foggy early morning field

True to the Land

True or false: The stinkier the cheese, the better?

“I’d have to say false,” Andy Kehler ’93 says. “I love a lot of stinky cheeses, and some stinky cheeses can be really sweet and delicious, but some really taste like garbage.”

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