For applications and admissions inquiries and correspondence:

The Graduate College Admissions Office
The University of Vermont
330 Waterman Building
Burlington, Vermont 05405-0160
Telephone: (802) 656-2699

For current student status or graduation questions:

The Graduate College Dean's Office
The University of Vermont
330 Waterman Building
Burlington, Vermont 05405-0160
Telephone: (802) 656-3160

University of Vermont Graduate College
Dean's Office
Holger Hoock, D.Phil.
Dean of the Graduate College
(802) 656-3160

For scheduling, please contact Sharon Haas:

Alicia Ebert
Associate Dean, Graduate College
(802) 656-2699

Dan Harvey
Assistant Dean, Graduate College
Director of Operations, Vice President for Research

(802) 656-4566

Graduate Admissions
Jenna M. Batchelder
Director of Admissions, Graduate College
(802) 656-1467

Serenity Bolt
Graduate Admissions Specialist
International Student Services
(802) 656-0884

Lauren Huffman
Admissions CRM Specialist
(802) 656-3160
Graduate Student Services
Bethany Sheldon
Student Services (Academic)
(802) 656-3874
Sean Milnamow
Student Services (Financial)
(802) 656-1466
Matt Spindler
Business and Admissions Assistant
(802) 656-3017


Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs
Cellular, Molecular & Biomedical Sciences PhD Program

Matthew Poynter, PhD
Director, Cellular, Molecular & Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program
(802) 656-8045

Pattie McNatt

Program Administrator, CMB Graduate Program
(802) 656-9673

Food Systems Graduate Programs
Teresa Mares, PhD
Director, Food Systems Graduate Program
(802) 656-3884
David Conner, PhD
Associate Director, Food Systems Graduate Program
(802) 656-1965
Allison Spain, M.U.E.P
Food Systems Graduate Education & Research Programs Coordinator
(802) 656-2042
Materials Science PhD Program
Rory Waterman, PhD
Director, Materials Science Graduate Program
(802) 656-0278
Neuroscience PhD Program
Anthony Morielli, PhD
Director, Neuroscience Graduate Program
(802) 656-4500
Hammack, Sayamwong (Jom), PhD
Assistant Director, Neuroscience Graduate Program
Elaine Holman
Program Administrator, Neuroscience Graduate Program
(802) 656-9677
Dean Emerita
Cynthia Forehand, PhD
Dean Emerita, Graduate College
Professor Emerita of Neurological Sciences