Faculty member, Patty Prelock

The Graduate College comprises outstanding faculty, engaged in mentoring students in the creation of new knowledge or development of professional skills.

The faculty members of the Graduate College are expected to make significant contributions to research in their fields while teaching the next generation of scholars, researchers and professionals to successfully pursue their goals after graduation. In short, our faculty provide a lively and engaging environment for creative and innovative thinkers who will make a difference in the world.

For more information, see our full Graduate Faculty A-Z list, or read the many faculty stories in UVM Stories.


New Graduate Faculty:

The following faculty have been given Graduate College appointment since the 2023-2024 Catalogue:

Callery, Patrick; Assistant Professor, Grossman School of Business; PHD, University of California, Santa Barbara
Conant, Joanna; Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; MD, University of Vermont
Godsey, Michael; Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry; PHD, Oregon Health & Science University
Leslie, Isaac (Ike); Extension Assistant Professor, Department of Ext—Programming and Faculty Support; PHD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Melekis, Kelly; Associate Professor, Department of Social Work; PHD, Boston University