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Our world is changing. UVM needs people like you—the creators, inventors, researchers, and teachers. With a UVM graduate degree you can go further and accomplish more than you can imagine. Join us and start your journey.

We offer over 70 programs that include certificates, professional programs, online degrees, and more.

The mission of the University of Vermont is rooted in the land-grant university tradition of creating and discovering knowledge in service to the public good. As a UVM graduate student, you will join our dynamic mission where the most lively and rigorous minds of several generations work to create new technologies, revive traditional industries, conserve our natural resources, inform public policy, and enrich the cultural life of Vermont and the world. As you apply for graduate studies at UVM, we encourage you to contact the Graduate College, academic departments, faculty program directors, current students, and alumni to learn more about the graduate experience at The University of Vermont.

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Applicants may only apply to one degree program per admission application.

Please review the Application Instructions before beginning your application.

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Explore the 70+ graduate programs offered at UVM, visit the campus, get to know the strengths of our faculty and who you would want to pursue your studies with, and consider the financial and lifestyle aspects of attending graduate school.

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When to do it: Begin at least 3 months before you apply.

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