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The University of Vermont offers graduate academic appointments such as Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships as well as Predoctoral Fellowships and Traineeships to Ph.D. students. Master’s students in certain programs may also have access to graduate assistantships. These positions are open to both domestic and international, full-time students and generally offer tuition support from the University.*

For definitions, appointment guidelines, and responsibilities, see the Academic Regulations governing each academic appointment type: GA (PDF) | GRA (PDF) | GTA (PDF) | Predoctoral Fellows and Trainees (PDF)

We recommend that you contact your Graduate Program Coordinator/Director for more information about Assistantships and Fellowships.

If you are not receiving tuition support from the University, the Student Financial Services tuition rates page will help you budget for your education. Please note that these rates are for the current academic year, and students should anticipate an annual increase in tuition and fees.

*Tuition scholarships accompanying Graduate Teaching or Research Assistantships do not cover audits or physical education activity courses, nor do they cover courses numbered below 2000 or 2000-level courses not approved for graduate credit, except upon prior approval of the Dean of the Graduate College. Read more


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Helpful Resources as you Plan your Finances for Graduate School

Federal loans are the primary source of financial assistance for domestic graduate students. Below are some helpful links with information about student loans and other financial resources you can use to fund your graduate education. International and non-domestic students, please see the Resources for Searching for External Funding section for loan and scholarship options.


Fellowships Available through UVM Resources

Academic Appointments: Descriptions, Stipend Rates, Enrollment Requirements

I. Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA): A graduate student who holds a teaching or teaching-related appointment.

II. Graduate Research Assistant (GRA): A graduate student who receives financial support from internal or external research funds while performing research on projects for which the funds were awarded.

III. Graduate Assistant (GA): A graduate student, typically supported from a source external to their college/school, who performs duties to assist in the educational or research mission of the University, but does not teach a class, recitation, or laboratory.


Academic appointments: stipend rates and related information
for Academic Year 2024-2025

Stipend RateMinimum 9-month stipend: $24,000 for both Master's and doctoral students.
Minimum 12-month stipend: $32,000 for Master's and doctoral students.
EnrollmentFull-time GAs/GTAs/GRAs are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits per semester.
Half-time assistants are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 5 credits per semester.
Tuition ScholarshipFull-time GAs/GTAs/GRAs are eligible to have 9 credits paid for per semester, while half-time assistants are eligible to have 6 credits paid for per semester.
Hours Per WeekFull-time GAs/GTAs/GRAs assignments require an effort of 20 hours of effort per week, on average, including adequate preparation time for teaching assignments.
Fractional appointments should not exceed the corresponding fraction of the 20-hour standard.
How to ApplyPlease contact the department you are enrolled in to inquire about available academic appointments.


Resources for Searching for External Funding

External Funding: Graduate Fellowships and Grants

Pivot (for admitted and enrolled students only)

The University of Vermont subscribes to Pivot-RP, a web-based funding and collaboration tool. Students are encouraged to sign up for a Pivot-RP user account to track, save and share funding opportunities. Visit the Research Development website for instructions on setting up your account and to request additional assistance with the database. This resource is available to anyone who has a current UVM email address.

Scholarships a-z

Scholarships a-z: database of scholarship and award opportunities available for students regardless of citizenship status

MPower Financing (for international students)

MPower Financing: a private lender that provides loans for international students

Additional Resources

Student Research Awards (link to come)

Financial Aid: Student Financial Services

Additional Work Application (PDF)


The Council of Graduate Schools has developed GradSense, a unique online education platform that provides students with financial information about a range of topics including the value of pursuing an advanced degree. Through interactive visualization tools and engaging infographics, students can use this site to better understand issues related to borrowing and spending, potential future earnings, and money management.

For more information or help, please contact the Graduate College at:

The Graduate College Dean's Office
The University of Vermont
330 Waterman Building
Burlington, Vermont 05405

Telephone: (802) 656-3160
Fax: (802) 656-0519
E-mail: gradcoll@uvm.edu