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This dataset is comprised of rasters of the simulated landcover between 2030 and 2075, based on modeled conversion probabilities for different transition types. The study area comprises Landsat tiles overlapping all of Vermont, most of New Hampshire, and adjacent areas of Maine, Massachusetts and New York. Vermont simulations are based on probabilities modeled at the Regional Planning Commission scale, all other states are modeled by state. The rasters are categorical data, where 0 is no data, 1 is water, 2 is developed, 3 is non-forest vegetation and 4 is forest.

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10.18125/2154kqg (

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Adams, A., J. Duncan, J. Pontius (2020) Simulated landcover for northern New England and eastern New York, 2030 to 2075. Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative. Available online at:

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