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A bedrock map generally includes rock descriptions, age relationships (stratigraphic sequence), and major and minor structural data used to portray a three-dimensional model of the rock on a two-dimensional topographic base map. The bedrock geologic map of Vermont can be downloaded through the Vermont Open Geodata Portal, USGS, or the Vermont ANR Atlas (links included).

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Map the bedrock of Vermont by town, quadrangle and watershed.

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Reference: Ratcliffe, NM, Stanley, RS, Gale, MH, Thompson, PJ, and Walsh, GJ, 2011, Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont: USGS Scientific Investigations Series Map 3184, 3 sheets, scale 1:100,000. Can be found at:

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  • Vermont Open Geodata Portal (Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont)
  • U.S. Geological Survey (Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont)
  • Vermont ANR Atlas (Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont)
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