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These data were extracted from the Adirondack Trail Registry Database (ADK-TReD; Larkin 2017) (see Adirondack Park trail register data for 2012 dataset in this project). We linked visitor-reported origin data recorded in trail register books to spatial cadastral data (Federal Information Processing Standards, FIPS). If the origin information and the FIPS data could not be matched, we examined the entry to determine if the reported origin was part of a larger town (e.g., boroughs of NYC) or a misspelling. If we could not determine the exact location of a visitor, we removed this entry.

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To link user origin data recorded at trail register books in the Adirondack Park, NY, to associated spatial cadastral data.

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5786 records with 12 fields

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Tait E, Kosiba AM, Larkin A, Rockefeller D, and Beier C. (2020) Adirondack Park trail registry origin data for 2012. FEMC. Available online at:

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