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Forest inventory surveys were initiated in 1965, repeated in 1977, and subsequently repeated at 5 year intervals. This is the initial data set and was collected in summer of 1965. The inventory consists of a total inventory of all trees >= 1.5 cm diameter-at-breast-height (dbh) on the whole of the watershed (13.23 ha), as measured in each of the 208 25 m x 25 m plots. Shrubs, seedlings and small saplings were also surveyed.

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To have a continuous forest inventory survey of watershed 6 in Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest.

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Battles, J., N. Cleavitt, C. Johnson, S. Hamburg, T. Fahey, C. Driscoll, and G. Likens. 2019. Forest Inventory of a Northern Hardwood Forest: Watershed 6, 2017, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest ver 1. Environmental Data Initiative.

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  • Forest Inventory of a Northern Hardwood Forest: Watershed 6 1977
  • Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study
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