These "Organizational Goals" were identified as part of the 2020 FM-wide collaborative process to develop a Facilities Sustainability Plan.

Cultivate a holistic Facilities Management (FM) organization

  • Invest in staff development, recruitment, retention, and competitive compensation.   
  • Establish effective internal communications processes to inform all levels of FM staff of shared vision, plans and goals and shared vision.
  • Integrate FM work activities across units through IWMS staff training and implementation.
  • Identify and adopt Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all FM work, including sustainability KPIs.  
  • Create internal and external partnerships to help advance FM sustainability goals. 

Create short- and long-term Facilities Improvement Plan

  • Outline and define a clear process for conducting building condition assessments. 
  • Create and update a Capital Plan for asset renewal and deferred maintenance priorities. 
  • Ensure that sustainability goals are incorporated into University-wide plans (capital, housing, etc.).

Recruit and retain high quality FM staff

  • Develop diversity, equity and inclusion and cultural competency initiatives for all staff.
  • Streamline and reduce time involved in hiring processes, especially for frontline workers.
  • Create FM-wide orientation/onboarding program that includes sustainability.
  • Evaluate current position descriptions and ensure accuracy.
  • If feasible for a position, offer telework opportunities to be competitive with public sector and allow hiring from a broader pool.
  • Modify pay scales to be market-competitive with private sector (and higher education peers). 
  • Establish GED program on campus and continue ESL classes to be more accessible to FM staff.
  • Define a clear path of progression for all levels of positions.  
  • Ensure safe work practices are embedded within organization culture.  
  • Encourage and support membership and participation in professional FM-related organizations

Provide opportunities for career growth and offer professional development

  • Build a pipeline of skilled trades workers from within FM with cross-training or internal apprenticeship programs. Provide access to courses for licensure requirements.  
  • Continue ESL training and partnerships with community organizations.  
  • Explore new training program delivery methods (video, vendor trainings, etc.).
  • Enact flexible policies to enable employee participation in training, including licensure.    

Invest in Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) for a new level of information connectivity

  • Establish comprehensive reporting of built environment with IWMS for evaluation of costs (building, equipment, assets).
  • Train Facilities staff to ensure IWMS utilization.
  • Ensure continuous improvement and data accuracy to support data-driven decision-making.  
  • Continually track and share Key Performance Indicators (KPI), create dashboards.  
  • Utilize IWMS system for tracking and managing sustainability and preventive maintenance data.  

Create and enhance funding mechanisms for major FM initiatives

  • Identify thermal projects with payback beyond seven years for $13M Energy Revolving Fund.
  • Review and reorganize the Transportation and Parking revenue structure. 
  • Research the feasibility of an internal carbon fund for renewable energy transition and upgrades. 
  • Create a funding mechanism for deferred maintenance of existing buildings and outdoor spaces.