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4-H World Changers: Learn to Code (grades 5-12, registration required)

Have you ever wanted to learn how to program your own game? Well, here's your chance! In this new 4-H World Changers series, you will learn to program a collecting game using p5.js, a JavaScript library created especially for artists and designers. (Flyer, PDF) Register here.

Cloverbuds Connect Challenges (grades k-2)

Cloverbud Connects Challenges are issued each Friday and are geared toward youth in grades K-2 (Flyer, PDF). Cloverbuds watch a video that demonstrates an activity and then we challenge you to do the same! Try that activity and record yourself in action and share it back! We're using a password protected system called Flipgrid, only open to those who want in!

So don't delay! The first challenge is out and the second one is lined up and ready to go! Check out this video to learn more! If you're interested in participating, email kimberly.griffin@uvm.edu to sign up and get an access code!

Once you’re in, look for the videos with the yellow star in the top corner – those are the instructional videos and the others are responses. At the top of the screen, just underneath the picture of the kids and the header, on the right side, you’ll see a number the word “Topics” with a down arrow. That number indicates how many different challenges there are and you can get to them by clicking on the arrow.

Feel free to either respond to the videos by clicking on the green response button inside the video you are watching OR you can click on the green button with a plus to add your own video. You can add your own video by then clicking on the white circle with a red camera OR by clicking on the white upload button next to the circle, if you want or record a video using your phone or other device and upload to flipgrid.

VTeen Science Exploration! (grades 7-12, registration required)

Join us every Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 - 4:45 pm at our weekly virtual teen science cafe where you will meet a scientist, learn about their work, explore different science pathways, engage in informal discussions and ask questions. Open to all youth in grades 7-12 in Vermont and beyond; the Fall Series runs from September 16 - December 16. The Winter Series will run from January 13 - March 17.  See the attached flyer with the schedule of topics for the Winter Series. (Flyer, PDF). Cafe flyers and registration links will be posted soon.


Jan. 20: Network Analysis and Its Applications in Biology, (Flyer, PDFRegister here
Jan. 27: Harnessing Microbes to Protect the Environment, (Flyer, PDF) Register here
Feb. 3: Ruminant Nutrition: The Symbiotic Relationship Between the Cow and Her Microbes, (Flyer, PDFRegister here
Feb. 10: Secrets in the Rings: What Tree-Rings Can Tell Us About Our Past, Present and Future Environments (Flyer, PDFRegister here
Feb. 17: How We Look Inside A Solar Cell: A Nonlinear Approach to Impedance Spectroscopy (Flyer, PDFRegister here
Feb. 24: Endangered Crops of Vermont, (Flyer, PDFRegister here
Mar. 3: How Psychological Science Can Help You Succeed in ANY Organization (Flyer, PDFRegister here
Mar. 10: Opioids: An Epidemic Within a Pandemic Register here
Mar. 17: Develecology: The Science of How Our Ecosystem Shapes Our Development (Flyer, PDFRegister here

Watch Teen Science Cafe recordings here

TRY for the Environment - Apply to be a Teen Teacher! (grades 7-12, application required)

TRY stands for Teens Reaching Youth and is an environmental leadership opportunity for students in grades 7-12. It is an environmental education program taught by teens and designed to increase environmental literacy and responsibility in younger youth. TRY for the Environment connects young people to real-world environmental problems by allowing them to be key change agents contributing to real-world solutions.  NEW for 2020-2021: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the TRY program will be limited to two content areas. Each content area will consist of three, 45 minute lessons that are designed to be delivered virtually - either when students are in the classroom or at home. As in past years, teens will be required to teach the lessons to two different groups of students. We will offer the TRY teaching opportunity to teens twice - Session 1 (January - March with training in December) and Session 2 (March - May with training in February). 10 teams will be accepted for each session - 5 teams in each content area. Learn more and apply: Flyer, PDF.

Babysitting (grades 5-8, registration required)

Tuesdays, January 12, 19 and 26, 2021 from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.:  The Youth Babysitting course is designed to help middle school and teenaged youth learn what it takes to be a responsible, caring, trustworthy, competent, capable, and safe babysitter. To request a disability-related accommodation to participate in this program, please contact Lindy Birch by December 18, 2020, so we may assist you. Pre-registration is required. Submit the Babysitting online registration and a course link will be emailed to you no later than one day prior to the start of the program.


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