4-H at Home offers activities and resources that youth and families can use for self-guided learning and fun on a variety of topics. Stay tuned to this page as topics and activities may change and be added.

Learn at Your Leisure

Have a plans already lined up and need something that is flexible or for times when boredom is calling? Check out these videos and activity sheets that provide fun no matter what time of day it is.
  • UVM 4-H Youtube  — Did you miss a program? Catch recordings on our online programs here.
  • National 4-H at Home Resources 
  • Inspire Kids to Do at Home Activities  — PennState Extension offers in-home activities that nurture growth and development. The activities available in this program span a wide range of topics and provide a glimpse into the variety of projects and programs offered in 4-H. These activities encourage self-guided learning, creativity, and problem solving.
  • 4-H History Books/Project Books – Record this unique and interesting moment in time with these journal templates.
  • Cloverbuds Connect (Flyer, PDF) — Cloverbud Connects Challenges are geared toward youth in grades K-2. Cloverbuds watch a video that demonstrates an activity and then we challenge you to do the same! Try that activity and record yourself in action and share it back! We're using a password protected system called Flipgrid, only open to those who want in! If you're interested in participating, email kimberly.griffin@uvm.edu to sign up and get an access code.

    Once you’re in, look for the videos with the yellow star in the top corner – those are the instructional videos and the others are responses. At the top of the screen, just underneath the picture of the kids and the header, on the right side, you’ll see a number the word “Topics” with a down arrow. That number indicates how many different challenges there are and you can get to them by clicking on the arrow. Feel free to either respond to the videos by clicking on the green response button inside the video you are watching OR you can click on the green button with a plus to add your own video. You can add your own video by then clicking on the white circle with a red camera OR by clicking on the white upload button next to the circle, if you want or record a video using your phone or other device and upload to flipgrid.

Check out these opportunities from other states:

A curated list of fun and engaging programs available to youth regardless of where you live.

Livestock Activity Sheets


Dairy Activity Sheets

Dairy Activity Sheet Answers






Working Steer


Volunteer Events & Resources

A lot has changed in the past few months but one thing that has not changed is our appreciation for our volunteers. We know that the task of engaging youth in 4-H is more challenging than ever. Here is a list of resources to support you as you continue to find ways to connect and offer programming to youth in 4-H.

4-H Volunteer Workshops
Join other volunteers from around the state in this series of monthly workshops led by Allison Smith, 4-H Youth Learning Experiences Coordinator. Topics range from creating fun and welcoming virtual spaces for youth to club financial management to robotics! Check out the flyer for details on topics offered. These workshops will be opportunities to stay connected with other volunteers, get your questions answered, and get some tricks to help you navigate 4-H more easily. You can register for the workshops that you wish to attend here.

Virtual Meeting Best Practices – A quick rundown of practices to keep your online meetings safe and a list of tech platforms that you can use to meet virtually.
4-H Volunteers Can Go Virtual! – Tip sheets and videos offered by The University of Maine on running and hosting virtual meetings.
Virtual 4-H Quarantine Professional Development – Umaine Extension is offering sessions for volunteers to explore a variety of topics from social emotional learning, creative problem solving, and making and tinkering.
V3: Virginia Virtual Volunteer Conference Resources – Online recordings from the April 25 conference, covering topics from livestock project areas to how adapt your club programming for online delivery.