The Youth Farm Safety Project is a farm safety resource for children and teens - and the adults who work with and care for them.

    Find Information, resources, and events for youth, parents and guardians, educators, and employers, and be sure to try our interactive farm safety game:

    Play it Farm Safe!

    Resource Links

    In addition to our online safety training site, Play It Farm Safe, the Youth Farm Safety Project offers in-person farm safety training for youth and the adults who work with and care for them. Check out our events, download activities and educator resources, and review the resource links gathered below.

    Youth Farm Safety Resources (by category)

    Tractor and Machinery Safety

    Livestock Safety


    ATV Safety

    Woodlot Safety (Note: these resources are appropriate for youth 16 and older and their supervising adults)

    Silo and Grain Bin Safety

    Manure Pit Safety

    Working Outside

    Emergency and Fire

    Employing and Supervising Youth on Farms

    Preventing Childhood Agricultural Injury (General)

    Additional Farm Safety Resources


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