Central/Northeast Region

Caledonia County

Contact: Holly Ferris, 802-888-4972 or 1-866-260-5603, holly.ferris@uvm.edu

  • Backwoods Teamsters (Ryegate: Working Steers)
  • Caledonia Critters & Kids 4-H ( Goat Club)
  • Caledonia Sharp Shooters (St. Johnsbury/Lyndonville: Shooting Sports, Wildlife)
  • Green Mountain Shooting Sports (Lyndonville: Shooting Sports, Wildlife)
  • South Kirby Hilltoppers ( South Kirby: Equine, Dairy, Gardening)
  • Squabble Hollow 4-H Club Lyndonville: (Dairy)
  • Blazing Bridles ( Danville: Equine)
  • Waterford 4-H ( Waterford: Dairy, Goats, Dogs, Sewing, gardening, crafts)

Essex County

Contact: Melinda Birch, 1-866-260-5561 or 802-334-7325, melinda.birch@uvm.edu

  • Essex County Independents (Essex County: General)
  • Lads & Lassies (Lunenburg: Cooking, Canning, Expressive Arts, Natural Resources, Sewing, Arts & Crafts)
  • Riverbends (Lunenburg: Crafts, Dairy, Rabbits)
  • Wildife Warriors(St. Johnsbury: Horse, Crafts, Photography, Natural Resources, Small Animals, Goats)

Lamoille County

Contact:  Holly Ferris, 802-888-4972 or 1-866-260-5603, holly.ferris@uvm.edu

  • Eden Eagles (Eden: Gardening, Crafts, Maple)
  • Green Mt. Moovers (Morrisville: Dairy)
  • Lamoille County 4-H Shooting Sports (Morrisville: Shooting Sports)
  • Lamoille Localvores (Jeffersonville:  Sustainable Agriculture)
  • Hearts Four Horses (Eden, Equine Club)
  • Hearty Homesteaders (Elmore: Sheep and Goat Club)

Orange County

Contact: Molly McFaun, 1-866-860-1382 or 802-476-2003 ext. 205, molly.mcfaun@uvm.edu

  • Blue Ribbon 4-H Club (Chelsea: Poultry, Outdoor Recreation)
  • Upper Valley Bullseyes 4-H Club (Bradford: Shooting Sports)
  • Clever Clovers (Tunbridge: Dairy, Beef, Horse, Sheep, Working Steer, Communications, Photography, Video)
  • Hooves and Horns (Randolph: Working Steer, Woodworking)
  • Middle Branch (Randolph Center: Dairy, Cooking, Sewing, Crafts, Scrapbooking, Gardening)
  • Northern Vermont Working Steer (West Fairlee: Working Steer)
  • Rambling Rivers (Newbury: Dairy)
  • Topsham Pony Pals (Topsham: Gardening, Horse, Pets, Pony, Sewing, Communication)

Orleans County

Contact: Melinda Birch, 1-866-260-5561 or 802-334-7325, melinda.birch@uvm.edu

  • Border Livestock Plus (Derby: Dairy, Leadership and Community Service)
  • Caspian Critters (Greensboro: Dairy, Poultry, Visual Arts)
  • Cow Tails 4-H Club (Sutton: Dairy)
  • Kingdom Critters & Kids (West Glover:  Dairy, Working Steer, Cloverbuds)
  • Kingdom Country Farmers (East Hardwick: Dairy, Livestock)
  • Kingdom Hoofbeats (Derby Line/Holland: Horse)
  • Kingdom Kids (Holland: Energy, Crafts, Horse)
  • Mountain View Showmen (Orleans: Dairy, Performing Arts, Photography, Pets)
  • Moosical Boots (Derby:  Dairy, Music)
  • Northern Lights (Danville: Horse)
  • Orleans County Independents (Orleans County: General)
  • Udderly Crazy (E. Montpelier: Dairy)
  • The Underdogs (Newport: Dogs)

Washington County

Contact: Molly McFaun, 1-866-860-1382 or 802-476-2003 ext. 205, molly.mcfaun@uvm.edu

  • Trailblazers (Plainfield: Horse, Communications)
  • Northern Winds (Barre: Horse, Communications)


Northwest Region

Addison County

Contact: Martha Seifert, 1-800-956-1125 or 802-388-4969, martha.seifert@uvm.edu

  • Addison Flaming Manes (Addison: Horse)
  • Cornwall Musketeers (Middlebury: Crafts, General, Natural Resources)
  • Critter Creek 4-H Club (Salisbury: Crafts, Sheep, Dog)
  • Green Mountain Adventure (Bristol: Crafts, Gardening, Community Service)
  • Green Mountain Grazers (Addison: Beef, Working Steers)
  • Kellog Bay 4-H Club (Ferrisburgh: Dairy)
  • Leicester Otters (Leicester: Dairy)
  • Maple Valley Dairy 4-H Club (Middlebury:Dairy)
  • Mt. Independence (Orwell: Dairy, General, Sheep)
  • Mountain View 4-H (Bridport: General, Dairy, Horse, Archery)
  • New Haven Dairy (New Haven: Dairy, Shooting Sports)
  • New Haven Twilight Tails (New Haven: Horse)
  • Primecuts (Shoreham: Beef)
  • Salisbury Swamp Riders (Salisbury: Horse)
  • Shoreham Early Birds (Shoreham: Dairy, General, Goats)
  • Silver Hooves (Shoreham: Horse)
  • Weybridge Willing Workers (Weybridge: Dairy, Foods, General, History)
  • Whiting Cloverleaves (Whiting: Clothing, Dairy, Maple, Woodworking)

Chittenden County

Contact: Margaret Coan, 802-651-8343 or 1-800-571-0668 (toll-free in Vt.), margaret.coan@uvm.edu

  • Charlotte Clovers (Charlotte: Cloverbuds, Horses, Baking, Photography, Robotics and Hiking)
  • Flying Hooves (Colchester: Horse)
  • Green Mountain (Williston: Leisure Arts, Hobbies and Collections, Outdoor Skills and Fun)
  • High Hopes (Fairfax: Horse, Art, Vet Science, Cooking, Fishing, Science, Photography, Poultry, Engineering)
  • Midnight Riders (Hinesburg: Horse, Community Service)
  • Shelburne Explorers (Shelburne: Dairy, Cloverbud)
  • Sunset Hill (Williston: Beef, dairy, fiber sheep, poultry, meat sheep, apiary, wood working, maple syrup, archery, handcrafts, needlework, embryology, baking, gardening, ATV safety, community service, leadership and public speaking)
  • Whispering Pines (Westford: Horse, Performing Arts, Public Speaking, Health and Wellness, Community Service, Photography)

Franklin and Grand Isle Counties

Contact: Martha Manning, 1-800-639-2130 or 802-524-6501, martha.manning@uvm.edu

  • Champlain Shamrocks (Grand Isle: General)
  • Enosburg 4 Leaf Clovers (Enosburg: Dairy)
  • Franklin County 4- H Dairy (Fairfield: Dairy)
  • Franklin County Little Rascals (Enosburg: General)
  • Green Mountain 4-H Dairy (Berkshire: Dairy)
  • Highgate Ag Club (Highgate: Dairy)
  • Missisquoi Mini Gallopers (Swanton: Horse)
  • Missisquoi Valley 4-H Club (Swanton: Horse)
  • Mt. Mansfield Pioneers (Jericho: Shooting Sports, Fishing, Hiking)
  • Richford Clovers (Richford: General)
  • Rough Riders 4-H Club (Richford: Horse)
  • Strong Americans (Grand Isle: Fitness & Sports)


Southern Region

Bennington County

Contact: Kimberly Griffin, 1-800-287-1552 or 802-447-7582, kimberly.griffin@uvm.edu

  • BAM (Bennington: FIRST Robotics)
  • Fiery Froggies (Manchester: FIRST Robotics)
  • Manchester Machine Makers (Manchester: FIRST Robotics - Teens)
  • Pownal Valley Sharpshooters (Pownal: Shooting Sports)
  • Young Explorers (Bennington: Cloverbuds)

Rutland County

Contact: Kimberly Griffin, 1-800-281-6977 or 802-773-3349, kimberly.griffin@uvm.edu

  • Benson Busy Buddies (Benson: Sewing, Crafts)
  • Crafty Critters (West Rutland: Crafts, Dog)
  • Horsepower (Castleton: Horse, Sewing, Public Speaking)
  • Otter Creek (Clarendon: Dairy, Leadership, Crafts)
  • Oxbow Mountain Shooting Sports (Pawlet: Shooting Sports)
  • Rein or Shine (Florence/Pittsford: Horse)
  • Rupert Mettowee Valley (West Pawlet: Dairy)
  • Tuff-Riders (Clarendon/Rutland Town: Horse, Leadership, Handcrafts)
  • Wind Riders (Rutland: Unmounted Horse Project, Handcrafts, Community Service)

Windham County

Contact: Molly McFaun, 1-866-860-1382 or 802-476-2003 ext. 205, molly.mcfaun@uvm.edu

  • Kurn Hattin 4-H (Westminster in-school: Horse & Pony)
  • River Riders II (Brookline: Horse & Pony)
  • Solids, Stripes & Spots (Vernon: Horse & Pony)

Windsor County

Contact: Molly McFaun, 1-866-860-1382 or 802-476-2003 ext. 205, molly.mcfaun@uvm.edu

  • Green Mountain 4-H (Springfield: Natural Resources, Shooting Sports)
  • Green Mountain Teamsters (Pomfret: Working Steer)
  • Hartland Cattle Club (Hartland: Dairy)