What are 4-H projects? Learning by doing is not only a philosophy of UVM, but also of 4-H. Take part in a short-term opportunity to learn a particular subject while also learning life skills. Short-term programs and projects are less formal than a 4-H club and participants apply for awards/recognition along the way. Our programs and projects create hands-on, fun learning opportunities. Within a particular project, members find things to learn, to do, to make, and to explore.

How do the projects proceed?

Each year, a 4-H member enrolls in at least one project. Your project group may meet once a week or as little as once or twice a month. The purpose of these meetings is to guide participants in gaining the knowledge and habits needed to complete their work successfully.

What do you do with project area record books?

Completing a 4-H record book is a process where 4-H members record project and club work. They give members an opportunity to reflect on their yearly work and encourage members to set goals and develop plans to meet those goals. 

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How is project achievement monitored?

Main project packets and record books.

4-H Member Record

Beginner Animal Record

Equine Project

Gardening Project

Poultry Project

Effective as of January 2024: The 4-H Poultry Project will not require either the "Poultry Approval Form" or the "Lease/Loan Agreement" form.  

Shooting Sports

Local 4-H Shooting Sports clubs are open to all youth ages 8 to 18 years as of January 1st; and at least 14 years old to participate in the .22 Pistol discipline. Each year, 4-H teaches a shooting sport to more than 300,000 boys and girls. Shooting sports can be gratifying for youngsters, especially those who aren't athletes. The program provides a supportive environment in which young people can experience hands-on, fun learning experiences.