Upcoming 4-H Events (in chronological order)

THRIVE Workshops for Schools - Schedule Today!

4-H has been helping youth thrive for over 100 years! Through experiential learning activities we deliver high quality programs framed in a positive youth development context. Let us work with your middle and high school students to intentionally focus on the development of critical life skills / transferable skills. Contact Lauren.Traister@uvm.edu for more information and to schedule your workshop.

YES Ambassdors - Apply by September 21

Want to help lead this the Youth Environmental Summit? If yes, then apply to be a YES Ambassador!! (Flyer, PDF)

What does a YES Ambassador do? You will...

  • learn about YES at a virtual meeting on Sept. 26 @ 7 pm
  • promote the event in your community and encourageyouth in grades 6-12 to attend;
  • take on a key leadership role in making sure the eventruns smoothly; and
  • attend your choice of YES workshops.

All ambassadors will receive a t-shirt to wear at YES.

Open to grades 8-12. Apply no later than September 21.

Questions? Contact Lauren.Traister@uvm.edu

VTeen 4-H Science Pathways Cafes - Sept 23, Oct 21, Nov 11, Dec 9 and more!

We are gearing up for an awesome year of science! Join us this school year for in-person cafes where you will meet scientists, learn about their work, explore different science pathways, and engage in hands-on activities and informal discussions.

Cafes will be held during the 2023-2034 school year on the following Saturdays from 5-7 pm at the University of Vermont. To download the cafe schedule - click here.

Save the dates - more information to come soon!

Note: all participants are required to complete a Permission Form. Click here to download.

September 23:  Something’s Fishy: Using Zebrafish to Model Human Nervous System Disorders (Flyer, PDF)

October 21: AI-Designed Robots (Flyer, PDF) Click here to register

November 11: Why Social Science Research Matters (Flyer, PDF) Click here to register

December 9: Listening to Nature: Using Sound to Study Marine Organisms and Their Homes (Flyer, PDF) Click here to register

January 13: Life in a Drop of Water - A Deep Dive into Aquatic Microbiology and Phytoplankton (Flyer, PDF) Click here to register

February 10: AgroTek Innovation (Flyer, PDF) Click here to register

March 16: A “Taste” of Neuroscience: From Fruit Flies to Humans (Flyer, PDF) Click here to register

April 13: Talking Trash: Science and Solutions for Plastic Pollution (Flyer, PDF) Click here to register

May 11: Getting to 'Y': Youth Empowerment and Agency Through Data Literacy (Flyer, PDF) Click here to register

Contact Lauren.Traister@uvm.edu with questions.

Vermont Science Olympiad: New Coaches Meeting - October 4 and 12

UVM will be hosting the Vermont Science Olympiad on Saturday, April 6 and we are looking for teams to join us for this exciting day of science competition! We encourage all high schools to form a team (or two, or three!) to participate. Students and teachers alike say it was one of the most inspirational and memorable experiences of their educational life.

We will be holding a New Coaches Meeting on both October 4 @ 3:30 pm and October 12 @ 5:30 pm. Join us to hear from the Vermont tournament director and experienced coaches to learn just what Science Olympiad is all about and why your high school and students should participate. (Flyer, PDF)

Contact Lauren.Traister@uvm.edu with questions and to get the Zoom link for the meeting.

Youth Environmental Summit - October 27

YES is an annual conference for middle and high school students to learn about environmental issues and get involved in local communities.  The mission of YES is to inspire, encourage, and prepare youth for a life of environmental responsibility, service and leadership by increasing awareness and knowledge of environmental issues and fostering leadership skills. At YES participants engage in hands-on workshops, action-inspiring discussions, networking with environmental professionals and like-minded peers, and much, much more!

Open to youth in grades 6-12. Contact Lauren Traister@uvm.edu with questions.

Register by October 16! Click here

YES Information Flyer

YES Workshop Descriptions

YES Workshop Selection Form

YES Permission Form

Zero Waste Lunch Flyer

We are also looking for youth in grades 8-12 to help with the event as YES Ambassadors! Learn more and apply today! (Flyer, PDF)

TRY for the Environment - Apply by Nov 6

TRY stands for Teens Reaching Youth and is an environmental leadership opportunity for students in grades 7-12. It is an environmental education program taught by teens and designed to increase environmental literacy and responsibility in younger youth. TRY for the Environment connects young people to real-world environmental problems allowing them to be key change agents contributing to real-world solutions. This year's program areas include: renewable energy, forests & trees, and water.

Apply by November 6!

TRY Information Flyer

Application Instructions

Teen Teacher Position Description

Adult Mentor Position Description

TRY Permission Form

Contact Lauren.Traister@uvm.edu with questions.

VTeen Leadership Weekend - November 17-19

VTeen Leadership Weekend is a fun-filled weekend developing important skills and traits that will help you stretch and improve your leadership, communication, problem solving, teamwork and other transferable skills to take back and use in your club work, school and community.
Open to ALL teens in grades 7-12; limited to 50 youth. (Flyer, PDF)

Register by October 20 ! Click here

Contact Lauren.Traister@uvm.edu with questions.

Discover Engineering - February 17

A full day event with workshops at UVM to promote the field of engineering and help youth understand different pathways they can take to pursue a future as an engineer. For grades 5-12. More information coming soon. Contact Lauren.Traister@uvm.edu with questions.

AgroTek Academies and Cafes - Late June 2024, exact dates TBA

We invite current 7-11th graders to join us for immersive research experiences in agrotechnology. Through topic-focused Science Cafes, Summer Academies, and Innovation Slams, participants will have an opportunity to learn from UVM faculty, staff and students, conduct their own experiments and share their findings!

Flyer (PDF)


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