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"We must become the change we wish to see in the world" ~ Mahatma Ghandi

Vermont 4-H has a strong focus in TEEN & LEADERSHIP programming

All youth have leadership potential. Most leadership specialists agree that leaders are made, not born, and that young people can learn and develop leadership attitudes and skills. Becoming a leader is a developmental process but this process is often overlooked in education.

Vermont 4-H offers a wide variety of opportunities which enable teens to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, and aspirations needed for success in the 21st century. Teens can participate in programs focused on LEADERSHIP, CITIZENSHIP, and LIFESKILLS, through exploring a variety of topics.

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Training is provided. Enthusiasm is required!

Share Your Talents: You have a lot to give. After all, you have years of life experiences. Now is your chance to share your knowledge and talents with young people.

Flexibility to Fit Your Interests: What do you like to do? What's your passion? There are many interesting projects and fun things to do as apart of 4-H. Despite what many people think, 4-H is not just a program for farm kids. It's for ALL KIDS...and for the adults who want to help them grow!

Here's How You Can Get Involved: For more information about volunteering with the Teen & Leadership Program, please contact Sarah Kleinman, Director, 4-H, Family and Migrant Programs, at or 802-656-7637.

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4-H has been helping youth thrive for over 100 years! Through experiential learning activities we deliver high quality programs framed in a positive youth development context. Let us work with your middle and high school students to intentionally focus on the development of critical life skills / transferable skills. Contact Sarah Kleinman for more information and to schedule your workshop.

4-H Leadership Curricula

For Youth

  • 4-H Curricula - check out what is available at Shop 4-H and ask to borrow from your local 4-H County Office
    • Step Up to Leadership
    • A Guide to Bully Prevention Programs
    • Express Yourself!
    • Public Adventures
    • Service Learning
    • Exploring 4-H
    • Be the E - Entrepreneurship
    • Get in the Act!
  • Leaders4Life - Take the Lead! (grades 6-8)
4-H Teen & Leadership Programs - Step into Your Future

Goals of the 4-H Teen & Leadership Programs

  • Acquire leadership skills
  • Improve team building, critical thinking, problem solving, goal setting and communication skills
  • Provide opportunities for youth to be leaders of today, not just tomorrow
  • Engage a diverse population of youth in leadership development
  • Have fun and make new friends

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Sarah Kleinman

Director, 4-H, Family and Migrant Programs

University of Vermont Extension
140 Kennedy Dr, Suite 201
So. Burlington, VT 05403