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Flavor: Maple Syrup Grading Fundamentals

Density: Maple Syrup Grading Fundamentals

Color: Maple Syrup Grading Fundamentals

Clarity: Maple Syrup Grading Fundamentals

Forest Tent Caterpillar

Maple Syrup Production

Other Publications

Understanding the relationship between tree size and yield. Perkins, T., M. Isselhardt, and A. Van den Berg. 2 pages, 2017.

A snapshot at sugarbush lease rates in Vermont. Isselhardt, M.L., 1 pages, 2017

Bacterial Adhesion to Plastic Tubing Walls (PDF). King, W.G., and M.F. Morselli. 2 pages, 1985.

A Correlation between Sugar Concentration and Volume Yields in Sugar Maple (PDF). Marvin, J.W., M.F. Morselli, and F.M. Laing. 6 pages, 1967.

Effect of Moisture and Fertilizers on Sugar Maple Seedling Growth (PDF). Carl, Clayton M. Jr., John R. Donnelly, and Boyd W. Post. MP #79. 5 pages, 1973.

Effects of the Use of Paraformaldehyde (PFA) Sterilising Pellets on Sugar Maple Health: A Review (PDF). Morselli, M.F. 4 pages, 1995.

How to Lessen the Content of Lead in Maple Products (PDF). Hills, J.L. 3 pages, 1938.

Image-Analyzing Computer in Plant Science: More and Larger Vascular Rays in Sugar Maples of High Sap and Sugar Yield (PDF). Morselli, F.M., J.W. Marvin, and F.M. Laing. 5 pages, 1978.

Maple Sap Exudation: How It Happens (PDF). Tyree, M. 2 pages, 1984.

Maple Sugaring in Your Backyard. Producing and Storing Pure Maple Syrup From a Few Trees (PDF). 2 pages, revised 2006.

Maple Sugaring Worksheets (XLS) (revised January 2010). Spreadsheet (Excel file) for calculating maple syrup production/profitability. [To be used with "Maple Syrup Costs: What does it really cost to produce that gallon of maple syrup?" factsheet.]

"Salty" Syrup from Roadside Sugar Maples in Decline (PDF). Morselli, M.F. and M.L. Whalen. 3 pages, 1987.

Sap Preheaters: Efficient Maple Syrup Processing (PDF). Duchacek, H., F.M. Laing, L.D. Garrett, N.K. Huyler, M.F. Morselli, J. Marvin. MP #97. 1978, 11 pages.

A Silvicultural Guide for Developing a Sugarbush (PDF). Lancaster, K.F., R.S. Walters, F.M. Laing, and R.T. Foulds. USDA Forest Service Research Paper NE-286. 10 pages, 1974.

Species Trials for Biomass Production on Abandoned Farmland (PDF). Laing, F.M., P.E. Sendak, and J. Aleong. 5 pages, 1985.

Sugarbush Lease Agreement (PDF). A suggested lease form. 4 pages, revised January 2003.

Sugarhouse Design (PDF). Wells, Grant. 27 pages.

A Survey of Sugar Maple Nutrition in Vermont and its Implications for Fertilization of Sugar Maple Stands (PDF). Wilmot, Timothy. 4 pages.

Temperatures in the Sugarbush (PDF). Wilmot, Tim. 4 pages, 2006.

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Variation in Sugar Content of Maple Sap (PDF). Taylor, F.H. 21 pages, 1956.

Vigor and Nutrition vs. Sap Sugar Concentration in Sugar Maples (PDF). Wilmot, T.R., P.W. Brett, and M.T. Tyree. 7 pages, 1995.

Many More Publications at Proctor Maple Research Center


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