Recent News

Spongy moth outbreak remains uncertain in the coming years ahead , VT Digger, July 17, 2022.

Maple syrup crop , WDEV, June 15, 2022.

Vermont harvested more maple syrup in 2022 than any other year in the state's modern history , VPR, June 14, 2022.

Climate change is already impacting the maple sugaring industry , VTDigger, March 11, 2022.

Going with the flow: sugaring season kicks off in Vermont , on VPR Radio's "Vermont Edition". March 8, 2022.

Mark Isselhardt celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Proctor Maple Research Center  on WDEV Radio. March 8, 2022.

Sweet Talk with Mark Isselhardt - Quality Control Podcast , Cornell Maple Program, March 1, 2022

75th Anniversary of the Proctor Maple Research Center

Other News

Maple production and forestry discussion on Vermont View Point with Ric Cengeri, WDEV Radio, January 2021. [Transcription of podcast (PDF)]

From Sap to Syrup: Maple Production Today . Podcast from The Farm Report featuring Mark Isselhardt. January 2020.

Talking about Maple on Bennington Today Show . With Mark Isselhardt, March 2019

Quality Control in the Sugarhouse (PDF), Mark Isselhardt. Supplement to the Maple Syrup Digest, June 2018.

Event will feature 20 different classes (PDF), The Maple News, 2017

Understanding the relationship between tree size and yield (PDF). Perkins, T., M. Isselhardt, and A. Van den Berg. 2 pages, 2017.

A snapshot at sugarbush lease rates in Vermont (PDF). Isselhardt, M.L. August 2017.

Climate May Challenge Sugarmakers: Maples at risk from global warming ,  April 2017.