• Maple syrup samples

  • Worker on sap lines

  • Maple spout

  • Drawing syrup off the evaporator

  • Maple tree crown


UVM Maple Business is working on the following major initiatives right now: Maple Business Education, Maple Sap Business Promotion and Maple Economic Research Projects.

Maple Sap Business Promotion: Interested in understanding the economic and environmental benefits of a maple sap enterprise? We are developing financial tools and technical guidance to help you make decisions about a sap only business venture. Benefits of a maple sap business include higher profitability and lower barriers to entry, and potential for economic incentives related to woodland management and forest carbon sequestration. Partnering with forest landowners, current or prospective sap and/or maple producers, we will evaluate carbon and economic assessment tools and develop business opportunities. See the Maple Sap Business Promotion Program Information & Resource Sheet (PDF).

Maple Economic Research Projects: Maple Sustainability Indicators (2023-2026): A multi-disciplinary team is developing a framework of indicators to evaluate the sustainability of the maple syrup sector. Our team will establish and implement a monitoring program to assess the environmental, economic, human and social sustainability of maple activity. U.S. Maple Market Development (2022-2024): UVM is investigating market policy, demand trends and governance formats to support sustained market development nationally.

For questions about  Maple Business Education and Economic Research projects contact Mark Cannella — Mark.Cannella@uvm.edu, (802) 656-4822. For questions about Maple Sap Business Promotion, contact Chris Lindgren — Christopher.Lindgren@uvm.edu, 802-733-3349 ext. 247.