Strategic Initiatives and DEI Coordinator

Dr. Phiona Atuhaire leads strategic initiatives within the Division of Student Affairs (DOSA). Her role involves collaborating with senior leaders, researching best practices, and implementing innovative approaches to address trends. She partners with internal and external stakeholders, develops action plans, and assesses strategic initiatives.

Phiona is also responsible for advancing DOSA's commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). She does this through guiding efforts to define, operationalize, assess, and promote DEIB within DOSA to enhance student and staff experiences. Her responsibility extends to promoting an inclusive environment for students and staff of all backgrounds thus supporting DOSA and UVM priorities.

As a new immigrant, Phiona’s journey has included a variety of roles, including Principal Policy Analyst at the Office of the President, Senior Policy Analyst at the Office of the Prime Minister, and Statistician at the Ministry of Agriculture in Uganda. In these roles, she provided valuable insights for effective policymaking and resource allocation. With over 20 years of experience spanning across private and public sectors, and most recently higher education, she has become a skilled navigator of research, project management, and program evaluation.

Phiona is actively engaged in premier professional networks, including the Rotary Club of Burlington Vermont, the International Health Economics Association, NASPA and NADOHE where she continuously seeks avenues to drive positive change and give back to the community.

Beyond her Strategic initiatives and DEI coordination role, Phiona loves diving into UVM's campus life. She believes in a well-rounded university experience that goes beyond goals, savoring each unique moment. With enthusiasm and creativity, Phiona is here to contribute to a vibrant DOSA environment that not only achieves objectives but also cherishes the joy of working life here at UVM.

“Let's turn challenges into opportunities and make every day at DOSA an unforgettable part of our university journey!”.


  • Ph.D., Economics, Makerere University
  • M.A. Economic Policy and Planning, Makerere University
  • BSTAT. Hons, Makerere University, Kampala-Uganda


  • (802) 656-7730
Office Location:

Nicholson House | 41 S Prospect St