PLEASE NOTE: Students wishing to take any type of voluntary leave from the University must follow established policies and protocols. Completion of the Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form does not replace these processes. 

In addition to the completing the Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form, students MUST contact the Student Services team within their College Dean's Office in order to request a formal leave and to complete additional required paperwork (i.e. a Change of Student Status form).

This form is for undergraduate students only - to request a leave of absence through the Graduate College, please visit

Student Information
Note: if you are a Graduate student seeking a leave of absence, please visit
Semester of Leave/Withdrawal
Plans for Re-entry
Plans to Transfer

Please note that it is the student's responsibility to contact the applicable departments listed below at the time of departure from the University. Failure to contact the appropriate offices may result in additional fees and/or loss of eligibility for future services. Note: This information will be sent to each student via email upon receipt of completed form.

Student Financial Services, (802) 656-5700,
Residential Life, (802) 656-3434,
Dining Services, (802) 656-4664
Student Accessibility Services (SAS), (802) 656-7753,
Honors College, (802) 656-9100
Office of International Education, (802) 656-4296
Student Veteran Services, (802) 656-0581

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