Alcohol Edu and Sexual Assault Prevention Online Courses

UVM has been taking active steps to reduce unsafe alcohol use on our campus. The online program AlcoholEdu was established in the summer of 2006 as a tangible population-level prevention program that challenges students' expectations around alcohol while encouraging students to make healthier and safer decisions. For more information, contact the Dean of Student's Office at 802-656-3380. Further information about Everfi, creators of AlcoholEdu, is available on EverFi's Alcohol Edu Website.

If you have been assigned a module as a new student, you will receive an email to your UVM Email account. You can also log-in here to see your assigned courses. 

All new students are required to take this course. Students will receive a link to their assigned course in their UVM email approximately one month before the start of their first term. 


CARE TEAM - Concerning And/or Risky Event Team


The CARE Team's number one priority is to support a healthy and safe community. Occasionally, members of our community find themselves or others in need of additional help and support. If you are concerned about a UVM community member or are concerned about a specific event, we encourage you to contact the Dean of Students Office. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can report your concerns on our C.A.R.E. form.

Report a Concern

Medical Amnesty Program

In cases of extreme intoxication/incapacitation due to alcohol and/or other drugs, it is imperative that someone calls for medical assistance. UVM's Medical Amnesty Program serves to remove or reduce consequences faced by students in violation of UVM's Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities to achieve the goal of student safety. Amnesty is granted from potential student conduct sanctions for themselves, the person in need of assistance, or the organization hosting the event where the incident occurs.

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LivingWell Logo

Located on the first floor of the Dudley H. Davis Center, LivingWell proactively connects with students around stress management, mental health, body image, and physical wellness. Through collaboration with campus partners, LivingWell advocates for student and community health.

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Center for Health and Wellbeing

The Center for Health & Wellbeing offers a wide range of services to and provide high quality, prevention-oriented student health care, mental health services, and a vigorous program of outreach and education.

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