The Vice Provost and Dean of Students Office contact information:

Nicholson House

41 South Prospect Street

Burlington, VT 05405

Phone: (802) 656-3380
Fax: (802) 656-3467

Office Hours

Monday through Friday

If you have an emergency and would like to contact us after hours please contact University of Vermont Police Services (802) 656-3473.

Meet Our Staff

  • AnnieSquare

    Annie Stevens, Ph.D.

    Vice Provost for Student Affairs

    Annie is responsible for the leadership, management, strategic direction, policy development, and administrative oversight of the Division of Student Affairs.

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What we do:

  • Provide leadership for the Division’s resources, programs, services and strategic planning.
  • Coordinate immediate interim action for those students whose behavior has jeopardized their educational success.
  • Partner with academic units, parents, and family who are concerned about their student’s experience at UVM.
  • Support staff development programs and our multicultural competence educational series.
  • Assist students with matters pertaining to their student records and requests for student conduct appeals.