How do I let my professors know if I have to miss class?
If you have to miss class and want to get a message to your faculty members, you need to contact your Academic College Dean's Office.

How do I get my Study Abroad Form signed?
If you wish to travel abroad you will need to visit the Dean of Students Office for a signature. For more information go to the Study Abroad 101: The Study Abroad Approval Form page at Office of International Eduation.

How do I get a UVM I.D. for my spouse/partner?
Many students wish to get UVM I.D. cards for their spouses or partners. For detailed information about that process please refer to the Spouse/Partner I.D form under in our Forms, Processes & Publications section.

Where do I call to make an appointment for an alcohol or drug consultation?
For a consultation contact UVM's Living Well office (BASICS Program).

How do I find off-campus housing?
The Office of Student & Community Relations manages an off-campus housing database that serves students who are looking for off-campus housing.

I am concerned about a friend…who can I call for help?
There are many reasons that you may be concerned for a friend at UVM. Thankfully there are many resources on campus that can offer assistance. You can begin by looking at Student Concerns A-Z.To speak to someone about your concerns please call Assistant Dean for Retention at 802-656-3380.



I have a concern about my student's experience at UVM. Who can I speak to for assistance and information?
If you are concerned about an issue affecting your student we encourage you to begin by urging your student to speak to individuals representing the department with which the concern originates. Our staff-members are trained to work with college students and help them work through concerns and problems.

If the matter is still of concern then we encourage you to begin by contacting the department with which your concern arises. For example, if you have a question about the residence halls, please contact the Department of Residential Life. Likewise, if you have a concern about the judicial process, please contact the Center for Student Conduct. If you feel that your concern has not adequately been addressed we encourage you to call (802-656-3380) or email our office. We will do our best to provide you with information and address your concern.

How can I find out information about my student's record?
Often times our office receives calls from parents who want to know specific information about their student's academic or behavioral record (grades, class schedule, advisors, etc). University staff-members are prohibited from providing any information about a student's record by the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act. Students can sign a FERPA waiver so that university officials can discuss these matters but students must do so in person with the office in which the specific record resides.

I am worried about my student. Where can I get help?
Many parents often call the Dean of Students Office when they are concerned about their student. Our office can contact other staff members to put resources in place for a student who is struggling. To speak to someone about your concerns please call Assistant Dean for Retention at 802-656-3380.

My student is going through the campus judicial proceedings. Where can I get more information about the process?
The Dean of Students Office often receives inquiries from parents regarding their student's judicial process within the Center for Student Conduct. The Center for Student Conduct has a special website dedicated to parents concerns and frequently asked questions. We encourage you to visit this site and find out more about the judicial process.



Departments from around campus collaborate in order to most effectively respond to the needs of students at risk. Please refer to this list

How do I get help dealing with a distressed student?
You should not deal with distressed students by yourself. The best thing to do is to consult with the Dean of Students Office. Contact Assistant Dean for Retention at 802-656-3380. You can also consult with the Counseling Center and your College Dean's Office.

How do I get assistance dealing with a case of academic dishonesty?
The Center for Student Conduct has a program to help faculty deal with violations to the Academic Integrity code. Contact the Center for Student Conduct for more information.