What supports/resources are available to my student?

Over 200 staff members affiliated with the Dean of Students office work daily with UVM students. Across all units, we offer students leadership and employment opportunities through a variety of programs. We are also present to help students who face obstacles to their being healthy, successful and engaged during their time on campus.  Please visit our departmental web site for a list of resources available to UVM students.

I have a concern about my student's experience at UVM. Who can I speak to for assistance and information?

If you are concerned about a situation, please encourage your student to speak to a student services professional in the appropriate college, school, or office to try to resolve the concern.   For example, if your student has a question about the residence halls, please contact the Department of Residential Life. Likewise, if your student has a concern about the conduct process, please contact the Center for Student Conduct. If you feel that your concern has not adequately been addressed, we encourage you to call us (802-656-3380) or email our office. We will do our best to provide you with information and address your concern.

How can I find out information about my student's record?

The Vice Provost and Dean of Students office receives calls from parents who want to know specific information about their student's academic or behavioral record (grades, class schedule, advisors, etc). University staff-members are constrained in what they can share with parents, absent consent of the student, by the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act.  Information on how students may inspect and review their records is detailed in the University’s FERPA Rights Disclosure Policy.

I am worried about my student. Where can I get help?

Many parents often call the Dean of Students Office when they are concerned about their student. Our office can contact other staff members to put resources in place for a student who is struggling. To speak to someone about your concerns, please call the Assistant Dean for Retention at 802-656-3380.  You can also look at resources and intervention strategies by category at Student Concerns A-Z.

How do I know about the various deadlines impacting my student? 

If your student needs to drop, add or withdraw from a course, please see the Registrar’s Office website for the actual dates.  If you need information regarding tuition refund timelines and questions about financial aid, please visit the Student Financial Services web site.

My student is going through the campus conduct process. Where can I get more information about this?

Please visit the Center for Student Conduct web site regarding any questions related to your student's conduct process. Your student will need to complete a Waiver of Confidentiality before the staff in the Center can speak to you about the specifics of your student’s situation.

What if my student needs to withdraw from school?

If your student has to withdraw from school, you need to contact your Academic College Dean’s Office:  Agriculture and Life Sciences:  802-656-2980; Arts and Sciences:  802-656-3344; Continuing and Distance Education:  802-656-2085; Education and Social Services:  802-656-3468; Engineering and Mathematical Sciences:  802-656-3392; Grossman School of Business:  802-656-4015; Nursing and Health Sciences:  802-656-3858; Rubenstein School:  802-656-2675.  Student support staff in each college or school can explain the withdrawal process.

When is a good time for me to visit my student on campus?

UVM Family Weekend is a great time to visit your student. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a taste of life at UVM and make memories with your son or daughter at the exciting UVM Family Weekend events!  Visit the UVM Family Weekend web site for information.

What are the dining options on campus?

The primary mission of UVM Dining Services is to enhance the student experience by providing a unique, engaging dining experience that meets individual needs, enhances health and well-being, and encourages community through participation in promotional events and support of the student educational experience.  Please visit the UVM Dining website for specific dining plans.

What is AlcoholEdu?

AlcoholEdu is an interactive, online program designed to inform students about how alcohol affects the body, mind, perceptions, and behaviors. The research-based course provides students with accurate information in a non-judgmental tone and provides personalized feedback that encourages students to consider their own drinking decisions and those of their peers.  AlcoholEdu content is relevant to each student based on their answers as abstainers, high risk, or moderate drinkers.

Who is required to take AlcoholEdu?

All incoming freshmen must complete AlcoholEdu. Success of the program is based upon population-level prevention, a concept that recognizes that students’ choices likely impact those of their peers. Providing new students with a consistent message about alcohol can encourage thoughtful conversations, inspire a shift in alcohol-related behaviors, and highlight a campus culture that values healthy choices