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Safety Information - Cosmogenic Sample Preparation Labs

We use a variety of hazardous materials in the laboratory including mineral acids and beryllium in both solution and oxide forms. In order to keep personnel safe and to prevent release to the environment of these chemicals, we have developed, in partnership with UVM Risk Management, standard operating procedures that are part of our laboratory safety manuals.

This page provides links to those procedures and other important safety information for lab users and others. Note that some UVM Risk Management web pages are only available to those with UVM netids.

Click below to learn more about safety-related materials associated with the lab.

Trainings you need to take before working in any of the cosmogenic laboratories.

  • Visitors please click here.
  • UVM students and post-docs, please click here.
  • Training checklists (you'll need to be checked off before you can work alone)

  • Mineral separation and quartz prep
  • Quartz purity testing
  • In situ 10Be and 26Al extraction
  • Meteoric 10Be extraction

    The hazards of HF

  • Fatality due to acute HF exposure

    Personal Protective Gear

  • PDF from the National Research Council

    Safety Data Sheets

  • SDS Sheets for Chemicals Used

    Lab Safety Manuals

  • Lab Safety Manual - Mineral Separation Laboratory
  • Lab Safety Manual - High Level Laboratory
  • Lab Safety Manual - Production Laboratory

    Lab Safety Information and Links

  • Waste Tags UVM netid needed
  • On-Line Safety Courses UVM netid needed
  • Laboratory HCOC Inventory UVM netid needed
  • UVM Environmental Safety Website

    Lab Safety Signage

  • Download signs for unattended operation of meteoric lab
  • Download signs for unattended operation of production lab

    Incident Report Forms

  • Download first report of injury form
  • Download incident report form
  • Download incident report for for laboratory safety manuals (to document potential safety problem or issue with processing)

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