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Fun Photographs and Videos

In the field, in the lab, and in the classroom we try and have a good time doing what we do. Here are just a few of the images and videos we have accumulated over the years. That's Lyman Persico in the image above at the QGG-fest, GSA 2007 in Denver.

See our Photo Albums

Rebuilding the Lab - Not long after the Memorial Day 2007 fire, the rebuild began.
Other Labs - Colleagues from around the world hosted our students after the fire.
Sample Storage - Feel the cobwebs, smell the mold, see where old samples go to hibernate.
Big Events - See things that are important to people in our research group.

See our Video Albums

The Newest member of our team - Coffee time with Matt, Jane and Luke
Dryland Golf Anyone? - Early morning, pre Mojave fieldwork exercise
Videos of Meetings - Probably should be on the cutting room floor
Funny Field Videos - See what we do and how we do it
Serious Lab Videos - See what goes on behind the sliding doors