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Information for Operating the UVM Cosmogenic Lab

Operating a cosmogenic nuclide extraction laboratory that processes large numbers of samples each year is a complex task. To streamline and maintain those operations as well as to provide information for others wanting to establish such a laboratory, we have built web pages showing:

  • As-built drawings of the Laboratory
  • Operating Manuals - Infrastructure
  • Operating Manuals - Lab Equipment
  • Specifications - Lab Construction
  • Useful articles, maps, methods for Mineral Separation Lab & Cosmolab
  • Reports - Tests of Lab Systems
  • Reports - Analysis of Reagents & Standards and Certificates of Conformity
  • As built drawings and balance reports, 2016 HVAC update

    We also include links to many of our primary suppliers of materials and equipment for outfitting and operation of the lab as well as information useful for analysis and presenting data.

  • Link to sources of standard reference materials
  • Greg Balco's view on data presentation in papers
  • Frankel et al.'s view on data presentation in papers
  • Periodic table of lines for ICP
  • NIST database of atomic spectral lines for ICP
  • Pipette Repair - Eppendorf repair website
  • Lab Supplies - VWR Web Page
  • Lab Supplies - Fisher Scientific Web Page
  • ICP Supplies - JY Horiba consumables list
  • Gas Detection - Enmet Web page
  • Gas Supplies - Airgas Contact Information
  • Fully Exhausting Laminar Flow Hoods - TFI Web page
  • Teflon coating - Donwell Web page
  • Teflon Materials - Savillex Web Page and Savillex catalogue

  • Connect with us on social media! We are on Instagram and NSF UVM Community Cosmogenic Facility on Facebook.