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People of the UVM Geomorphology Group and Cosmogenic Lab

The UVM Cosmogenic Laboratory and Geomorphology group has been the academic home to many people since 1993 including graduate students, technicians, staff members, post-doctoral associates,and many visitors. Below you can learn more about the people who are currently associated with the lab and with Geomorphology research at UVM as well as find out about those who have come to visit or long since moved on in their careers.

grad Undergradute students, Graduate students, and post docs have been the core of the UVM cosmogenic laboratory, collecting most of the samples we process, preparing clean quartz, doing clean lab chemistry, analyzing data, and publishing papers.

tech Visitors are an important part of our mission and with NSF support, we are hosting many every year. We have specifically redesigned our laboratory procedures so they are easily learned and easily taught.

staff Staff are critical to the completion of many projects. These staff have purified quartz, created and managed several databases, and inventoried samples.

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