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EBE curriculum includes significant hands-on, laboratory instruction and independent and team project work that allows students to apply theoretical knowledge to real circuits and systems. UVM electrical engineering labs are well-equipped with up-to-date digital oscilloscopes, computer-interfaced instrumentation, circuit design and analysis software, signal processing hardware and software, wireless communications instrumentation, and alternative energy systems (e.g., solar, wind and fuel cells).

Undergraduate Research Experience Program (REU)

The CEMS Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program funds up to 100 research opportunities per semester.

Recent EBE Projects

Fall 2017

Name Major Advisor Project description
Sophia Berne EE Paul Hines MechGrid.
Margot Criscitiello EE Kurt Oughstun Dispersive Acoustic Pulse Progagation.
Katlyn Hall EE Nic Fiorentino Skeletal Muscle Function after ACL Rupture and Repair.
Jonathan Hart EE Almassalkhi Electric vehicles: what are their types, energy profiles and how does energy consumption vary for different users.
Sam Hojnowski EE Paul Hines MechGrid.
Dale Larie EE Jeff Frolik A human factors engineering study of computer-based surgical simulation.
Cassie Mallabar EE Almassalkhi Electric water heaters: what are their types, energy profiles and how does energy and water consumption vary for different users.
Owen McElhinney EE Almassalkhi Residential air conditioning/HVAC: what are their types, energy profiles and how does energy consumption vary for different users (household, season, hourly, etc.).
Brandt Vermillion EE Jeff Frolik A wireless testbed for demonstrating the efficacy of tripolar antenna systems in mesh networks.
Jarad Clark BME Rachel Oldinski Rheological Characterization of Alginate-Based Biomaterials.
Kiki Cunningham BME Rachel Oldinski Biofunctionalization of Hydrogels for Tissue Repair.
Chris Erkson BME Ryan McGinnis Golf swing type recognition using cluster analysis of optical motion capture data.
Jon Ferri BME Ryan McGinnis WePanic, A Heartrate Biofeedback Application Designed to Alleviate Panic Attacks.
Sierra McConnell BME Rachel Oldinski Bio-functionalization of alginate materials for 3D-Printing.
Brett Meyer BME Ryan McGinnis Using wearable sensor data and newal networks to predict ground reaction forces.
Alicia Tanneberger BME Rachel Oldinski Hydrogel Development for Controlled Stem Cell Differentiation.
Frances Eisinger BME Britt Holmen Research about Nonpoint Source Particle Gneraltion and Transport. This subject of research focuses on "particulate matter emissions from agricultural and quarry courses."

Summer 2017

Name Major Advisor Project description
Min Qin EE Tian Xia Computer Vision Technique based Target Position System for Ground Penetrating Radar Data
Emma Johnson EE Kurt Oughstun Precursor Fields Resulting from a Electromagnetic Pulse Moving Through a Dispersive Dielectric
Connie Ou EE Tian Xia Wireless Sensing Data Acquisition and Transmission
Timothy Foley EE Hamid Ossareh Investigating Numerical Properties of Stochastic Linearization, Finding Numerical Algorithm to Solve These Equations and Exploring Accuracy of This Linearization
Ali Gohlke-Schermer BME Ryan McGinnis Optimal Bike Geometry and Body Position to Maximize
Biomechanical Efficiency
Jordyn Scism BME Ryan McGinnis Automatic Detection of Jump Landings

Spring 2017

Name Major Advisor Project description
Lara Weed BME McGinnis Validation of Gait Analysis Pro iPhone App for 10m Walk Test
Jordyn Scism BME McGinnis Automatic jump landing detection with wearable sensors: algorithm development and validation
Kaseya Xia BME Varhue By using a modified MEA (Multi-Electrode assembly) that incorporates the use of Nanotechnology materials, namely, RuO2 nanorods, how can the electrical efficiency in a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell used as an electrolysis System be improved?
Chien-Yun Ou EE Xia Wireless Sensing Data acquisition and Transmission
Benjamin Crystal EE Xia Research on High Resolution Ranging Technology
Timothy Foley EE Ossareh Analysis On Stoichiometric Linearization Parameters
Sam Wisotzki EE Ossareh Predictive Traffic Modeling
Dylan Burns EE Ossareh Engine Simulation with a Turbo
Anwar Elhadad EE Etezadbrojerdi Development of a wearable wireless embedded device for measuring the Sun Protection Factor (SPF
Emma Johnson EE Oughstun Aperture Effects on Gaussian Beam Propagation
Charlene Mburu EE Almassalkhi Investigating irrigation pumps and inverters as flexible resources for Packetized Energy Management
Alice Murphy EE Hines MechGrid

Fall 2016

Alex Markoski EE Hines Development of visualization tools for distrubution network power flows
Anna Svagzdys EE Ossareh Evaluating the potential of new controls experimental equipment for use in several possible research streams
Jimmy Jamison EE Frolik Integration of a 3D printed antenna with wireless sensor hadrware
Blake Hewgill EE Frolik Measurement and modeling of comunication channels at 28 GHz


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Want to learn more about the REU program?

Talk to your neighborhood EBE faculty.  

Applications are currently being collected for Fall 2018. 

Please contact Katarina Khosravi (katarina.khosravi@uvm.edu) for information. Deadline is
September 1, 2018.

Who should apply?

Juniors and exceptional sophomore students interested in graduate school.