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CATcard in Apple Wallet

No more plastice! Your CATcard is now on your iPhone.

Add your CATcard to the Apple Wallet using the GET Mobile App.  Be sure to upload a photo along with a government issued ID!


Important: Once your have successfully set up your CATcard on your iPhone or Apple Watch, if you possess an older plastic CATcard, do not throw the plastic card away as you will still need it on GMTA buses and off campus CAT$cratch purchases.     



  • Checking CATcard Balance

    Checking your balance

    To see your CATcard account balances on your iPhone:

    1. Open the Wallet app.
    2. Choose your card. You’ll see up to three account balances on the front of your ID card.
    3. If you want to see more balances, tap .
    4. If you’ve added your card to your Apple Watch, you can see account balances in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone or in Wallet and Apple Pay on your Apple Watch.

    Your balances are displayed right on your iPhone or Apple Watch!

    Your 21733 number will be displayed on the back of your ID or in your digital CATcard wallet

    1. Open the Wallet app.
    2. Tap the "i" in the upper right.  
    3. You will see your 21733 number towards the middle of the screen.