Honors and Awards

The principle of a liberal arts education is to provide students with a breadth of study so that they come to an informed understanding of the world we live in.  By learning a wide range of areas an individual will have the skills to think critically about their experience and their relationship to the world and will be able to put those ideas in cultural, historical and social contexts. Achievement of knowledge is reflected in a traditional grade system at the University of Vermont. Achieving a high grade point average not only serves as a symbol for gained knowledge but also positions students for future studies and opportunities.

The College of Arts and Sciences honors programs are a reminder of the pursuit of academic excellence.

University Honors

The B. A. degree may be conferred with honors, by vote of the Senate, in recognition of general high standing in scholarship. Three grades are distinguished and indicated by inscribing on the diploma the words cum laude (top 5-10%), magna cum laude (top 2-4%), or summa cum laude (top 1%).

College Honors

The Arts and Sciences student who has an average of at least 3.20 and has been on the Dean's List for three semesters is eligible to apply, under departmental sponsorship, for College Honors, a program of individual research/artistic creation undertaken in the senior year. The proposal must be approved by the Committee on Honors and Individual Studies. The student enrolls in THE 193 (3 hrs.) and THE 194 (3 hrs.), pursues the project under faculty guidance, writes an approved report, and orally defends his/her work. The College Honors recipients are named in the Commencement Program.

Departmental Honors

A theatre or dance student may graduate "with Departmental Honors" if he/she has a cumulative average of 3.0 or above, passes (with a 3.0 average or above) a comprehensive examination that synthesizes all the departmental courses taken by the student, and is recommended by the department.

Departmental Awards

UVM Theatre and Dance participates annually in the University wide celebration known as Honors Day. This is a day set aside to honor those students who have excelled in both academic and extracurricular settings.

UVM Theatre and Dance honors two students annually, each for very different contributions that have been made to the Department.


George B. Bryan Award for Scholarship

George B. Bryan

The department instituted the George B. Bryan Award for Scholarship to reflect its belief that sound theatre practice is grounded in a firm grasp of theatre history, literature, and theory. To that end, it recognizes that departmental major or minor whose scholarly work reflects high achievement through effective research techniques, exemplary writing skills, and keen analytical insight. A student whose average in Theatre courses is 3.0 or better is eligible for consideration for the award, but that is not the only criterion. Of particular importance is the student's performance in the history and criticism courses of the department, but the student's cumulative grade point average is also weighed. As in other areas of theatrical activity, the department stresses the process as well as the product of scholarly endeavors. The award is determined by a majority vote of the faculty, which may decide to withhold it in any year or years.

Recipients of the George B. Bryan Award for Scholarship:
1986 - Eben Young
1987 - Mary Neudocker
1988 - Elizabeth R. Reitz
1989 - Angela Moskowitz
1990 - Jerrilyn L. Miller
1991 - Stacey L. Gottlieb
1992 - Karl W. Steen
1994 - Scott A. Edwards
1995 - Stephanie A. Roy
            Katherine L. Workum
1996 - Christopher I. Bartlett
1997 - Jennifer A. McNicholas
1998 - Gregory P. Steen
2000 - John D. Morton
2001 - Jaime L. Gray
2002 - Nancy A. Jarchow
2003 - Cameron Bradley
2004 - Alyssa R. Leach
           Melissa H. Wyman
2005 - Molly A. Cameron
2006 - Leigh M. Branson
2007 - Caitlin A. Bayer
            Margaret A. Contompasis
2008 - Max M. Mondi
2009 - Bretton J. Reis
2010 - Anne K. Stauffer
2001 - Aline M. Nocera
2012 - Alex R. Koch
2013 - Ryan Howland
2014 - Kody Grassett
2015 - Alyssa Korol
2016 - Jeff Renaud
2017 - Jace Jameson
2018 - Siera Carusone
2019 - Katelyn Paddock
2020 - Emma Cashman
2021 - Julia Kitonis
2022 - Claire Johnston
2023 - Cole Hathaway

Outstanding Senior in Theatre Award

The Outstanding Senior in Theatre Award is presented to that theatre major or minor who has demonstrated a competence in and enthusiasm for several areas of theatrical production.

The recipient of this award will have provided substantial evidence of his/her understanding of the important interrelationships that exist between all aspects of theatrical production.

A combination of quality work in the classroom (minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 overall) and production are the prerequisites for consideration for this recognition. The recipient of this award is nominated by members of the faculty and staff of the UVM Theatre and is selected by a majority vote of those same individuals.

This award is given only when an individual who meets the above criteria is present in the department. In addition to the University Awards the department offers several additional awards.

Recipients of the Outstanding Senior in Theatre Award:
2000 - Stephanie Melican
            Kate Zaffis
2001 - Bartolo Cannizzaro
2002 - Corinn W. McCarthy
2003 - Erin Fehr
2004 - Maryann Carlson
            Robyn King
2005 - Emily Ginter
            Maura Neff
2006 - Theodore W. Szadzinski
2007 - Aaron D. Robinson
2008 - Jessica M. Hodge
2009 - Lauren C. Glover
2010 - Joshua M. Clarke
2011 - Dylan M. Friedman
            Andrea W. Underhill
2012 - Hannah Brosnan
2013 - Mia Haiman
2014 - Rivka Kelly
2015 - Cato Crumbley
            Marykate Scanlon
2016 - Kelsey Vivian
2017 - Caroline Dababneh
         - Rosalind Isquith
2018 - Stephen Indrisano
2019 - Caitlin Durkin
2020 - Caleb Chew
         - Katelyn Paddock
2021 - Julia Sioss
2022 - Maggie McCloskey
          - Celeste Piette
          - Honorable Mention - Josh Huffman
2023 - Claire Johnston
         - Isabel Martine

The Edward J. Feidner Award

Edward J. Feidner

The Edward J. Feidner Award is presented to that deserving undergraduate theatre major to help defray his/her educational expenses. The recipient, who shall be in his or her junior year, should be selected on the basis of academic merit having no less that a 3.0 overall GPA, and significant involvement in more than one area of Department of Theatre productions gained through involvement outside of course requirements. Special considerations will be given to those students who have demonstrated an affinity for the works of William Shakespeare. Where appropriate, financial need may also be considered.

Recipients of the Edward J. Feidner Award:
2003 - Sarah Cohen
2004 - Emily Ginter
2005 - Theodore W. Szadzinski
            Will Todisco
2006 - Caitlin A. Bayer
2007 - Jessica M. Hodge
2008 - Bretton John Reis
2009 - Matthew J. Trollinger
2010 - Samuel A. Durant Hunter
            Aline M. Nocera
            Andrea W. Underhill
2011 - Alex R. Koch
2012 - Grace H. Trapnell
2013 - Kody Grassett
2014 - Cato Crumbley
            Marykate Scanlon
2015 - Elizabeth Callahan
2016 - Caroline Dababneh
2017 - Caitlin Durkin
2018 - Katherine Reid
           Ian Walls
2019 - Katelyn Paddock
           Caleb Chew
2020 - Isabella Lombardo
         - Julia Sioss
2021 - Maddie Barnes
2022 - B.K. Bady-Kaye
          - Charlotte Looby
2023 - Maddie Leitch

The William M. Schenk Award for Technical Excellence

William M. Schenk

This award is given to a student who demonstrates excellence or the potential of excellence in one or more of the following areas of production (in this order of priority):

(1)Lighting DESIGN, (2)Scenery DESIGN, (3)Technical Production

The William M. Schenk Award for Technical Excellence is awarded annually to a Junior Theatre Major, who, in addition to the above criteria has a least a 3.0 accumulative overall grade point average and who has demonstrated a sincere interest in ALL areas of theatre production and education. In addition, it is understood that this award will be given only when there is a student with the above qualification; only when there is a student of existing merit.

Recipients of the William M. Schenk Award for Technical Excellence:
2003 - Lauren Stoler
2004 - Maura Neff
2005 - Jessica Pescosolido
2006 - Aaron D. Robinson
2007 - Emily C. Hayes
2008 - Lauren Glover
2009 - Dirk J. Rodricks
2010 - Dylan M. Friedman
2011 - Hannah B. Brosnan
2012 - Mia S. Haiman
            David M. Luongo
2013 - Rivka Kelly
2015 - Jesse Cannon
            Kelsey Vivian
2016 - Jace Jameson
            Rozy Isquith
2017 - Stephan Indrisano
2018 - McKenna Black
2019 - Jordan Tanneberger
2020 - No Award Given
2021 - Sam Zisk
2022 - Jackie Lemieux
2023 - Julia Moriarty

The Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee Award

Professor Jennifer Cover, the first African-American woman hired and tenured by the Department of Theatre, created this award in 1981 to be presented to that student who has made outstanding contribution in enriching multi-culturalism in Theatre at the University of Vermont. In reference to its namesakes, this award is given to that individual who embodies the respect of heritage, the respect of community, and the respect of education in the arts. Sophomore status or above.

Recipients of the Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee Award:
2005 - Samantha D. Robin
2007 - Samantha D. Robin
2008 - Erika L. Rivera
2009 - Christopher A. Dickerson
2011 - Ivy Buena
2012 - Stephen A. Skibicki
2013 - Tiesha Adams
2014 - Tiesha Adams
2016 - Oak Horton
2018 - Ian Walls
2019 - Charlotte Looby
2020 - No Award Given
2021 - No Award Given
2022 - No Award Given
2023 - No Award Given

Martin Thaler Award for Excellence in Costume Design and Costume Construction

The Martin Thaler Award for Excellence in Costume Design and Costume Construction (originally the Miriam Zadek Award) was created to honor both the senior student who has demonstrated excellence in the areas of costume research, design and construction and the woman for whom the award was originally named. It was the wish of Miriam Zadek that, upon his retirment, the award be renamed for Martin Thaler. Professor Thaler retired after the fall semester in 2022.

Born the only hearing child in a family of three sisters and familiar with overcoming obstacles to positive communication, Miriam Zadek defied the limitations of the social roles of the times and went on to receive her Master of Arts in Social Work in 1952. In 1986 while working for the Hearing and Speech Agency of Baltimore, MD she founded the Centralized Interpreter Referral Service which continues to serve the needs of thousands of people annually. With her ever-present passion for learning, she remains a shining example of what students can achieve when they set extraordinary goals for themselves and work tirelessly to attain them. She continues to be an inspiration to generations of young people who are faced with physical, emotional and academic challenges that test and strengthen them.

Recipients of the Miriam Zadek Award for Excellence in Costume Design and Costume Construction:
2006 - Jessica N. Pescosolido
2007 - Emily A. Dorwart
2008 - Allison M. Ziegler
            Jessica Ziegler
2009 - Calvin D. W. Utter
2011 - Jamee K. Sherwin
2012 - Kate J. Fulop
2013 - Erica Coggio
2014 - Hope Salvan
2015 - Alyssa Korol
2016 - Peyton Brandt
2017 - Emma Tait
2018 - Emily Thibodeau
2019 - Audrey Wilbur
            Christian DeKett
2020 - Charlotte Looby
          - Audrey Wilber
2021 - Daisy Powers
          - Audrey Wilbur
2022 - Daisy Powers
Recipients of the Martin Thaler Award for Excellence in Costume Design and Costume Construction:
2023 - Mac Weaver

The Billy Taggart Award

The Billy Taggart Award was established in 1979 by Wilnetta Taggart. Wilnetta Sproul Taggart began her association with UVM in 1922 and started a new era of distinguished theatrical work. Mrs. Taggart's first UVM production was mounted in 1923, and for the rest of the decade her talent's graced numerous presentations. Between 1932 and 1942 she directed or supervised all student shows at the university.  The stained-glass window depicting the coat-of-arms of the Booth family of actors that graces the north stairwell in the Royall Tyler Theatre is a memorial to her vital contributions to the University's artistic environment. The intent of the award as established in her will is to acknowledge the "best performance" by a student in a UVM production.

Recipients of the Billy Taggart Award:
2014 - Andrew Fusco
2015 - Aiden Holding
2016 - Peter Hiebert
2017 - Katherine Reid
2018 - Christian DeKett
2019 - Caleb Chew
2020 - The cast of The Wolves
          - Maddie Barnes
          - Emma Cashman
          - Isabella Lombardo
          - Maggie Lucas
          - Katelyn Paddock
          - Celeste Piette
          - Megan Rose
          - Julia Sioss
          - Erin Tevnan
          - Meg Young
2021 - The cast of An Enemy of the People
          - Maddie Barnes
          - Jack DeLorenzo
          - Ella Kenny
          - Lyndsey Lawrence
          - Eamon Lynch
          - JT McAllister
          - Erin Tevnan
          - Vishal Vijayakumar
2022 - Maddie Barnes
         - Claire Johnston
2023 - JT McCallister

Outstanding Theatre Minor Award

This award is given to a graduating senior who has high academic achievement and has made an outstanding contribution to theatre at UVM. (created in 2022)

2022 - Jack DeLorenzo
2023 - Lily Coleman

Outstanding Ensemble Acting Award

Awarded in years when a number of performers in a production demonstrate exceptional craft, collaboration, and achievement in ensemble acting.
2023 - Cole Hathaway, Matt Haverty & JT McCallister for work as the brothers Matt, Jake & Drew in Straight White Men.

Outstanding Achievement in Stage Management Award

Established in 2023, this award acknowledges the outstanding contributions to the program's production season through stage Management.

2023 - Acadia Johnson
         - Jackie Lemieux
         - Julia Moriarty
         - Shannon Smith

Outstanding Program Collaborator Award

Established in 2023, this award honors a senior theatre major who demonstrates outstanding commitment to collaborative values, community building, peer mentorship, and leadership within the program, both in the classroom and in production meetings.

2023 - Natalee Garen

UVM Student Dance Awards

Presented annually by the UVM Department of Music and Dance (up until 2019)
Presented annually by the UVM Department of Theatre and Dance (from 2020 forward)

Outstanding Senior in Dance (Created in 2011)
2011 – Annie Brady, Christina Moore
2012 – Andrea Pack
2013 – Hannah Katz, Michelle Marion, Kayla West
2014 – Caitlin Rae Dalere, Laura Gordon
2015 – Carolyn Connor, Erica Raff
2016 – Sarah Macdonald, Olivia Malone
2017 – Ryan Kabilian, Jennifer Powers
2018 – Hannah Loughlin
2019 – Blair Bean
2020 – Mickenzie Zadworny
2021 – Zoey November, Chloe Schafer
2022 - Katie Corkum
2023 - Erin Sullivan
Outstanding Choreography/Performance Award (Created in 2015)
2015 – Carolyn McCarthy, Chanel Simmons
2016 – Mollie Morgan
2017 – Mollie Morgan
2018 – Jieru Chen, Anna Martone
2019 – Anna Gibson, Meghan McClure
2020 – Katie Corkum, Chloe Schafer
2021 – Claire Cook
2022 - Isabel Hansen
2023 - Jordan Officer
Outstanding Dance Minor Award (created in 2022)
2022 - Sarah Wasserman
2023 - Emily Paribello