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UVM Dance Program
UVM Dancing Uphill (photo by Stephen Mease)
BCO & Dance, Appalachian Spring (photo by Kevin Coburn)
Dancing Uphill 2018 (photo by Lindsay Raymondjack)
UVM Dance "Between Land and Water"
Dancing Uphill 2017 (photo by Lindsay Raymondjack)
"Love Letters" dir. Paula Higa, Dancing Uphill 2012, UVM Dance Program
American College Dance Association 2018 - photo by Jim Coleman
UVM Music & Dance (photo by Andy Duback)

UVM's new major in dance is the first to be offered at a Vermont public college or university. The dance program offers students the opportunity to combine concentrated applied and experiential practice in composition and performance with the study of dance history, theory, and culture.

The Bachelor of Arts degree with major in Dance is designed for students who wish to pursue dance studies within a liberal arts context. The degree is open to both students coming to UVM with prior dance training, and those who discover dance in college.

The dance major emphasizes the combination of practice and theory. Students study, develop, and discover dance technique, improvisation, composition, history/theory, cultural dance forms, performance, and independent research/creative work inside a rigorous academic environment that prioritizes critical analysis, research, and writing. Unique attributes of the major include its inclusivity and the opportunity for students to self-design areas of focus or concentration. The major also provides opportunities to build important intersections between dance and other disciplines in the arts, humanities, health, social science, environmental studies, natural science, technology, education, etc., as well as connections with professional dance artists and organizations in Vermont.

There is no entrance audition required. The new major is available to students beginning Fall 2019.

Required Courses

The major consists of thirty-six credits, including:

  • Fifteen credits of the required dance core;
    • DNCE 1550 Dance History and Legends (3 credits)
    • DNCE 1200 Movement and Improvisation (3 credits)
    • DNCE 3100 Contemporary Dance III (3 credits)
    • DNCE 2600 Dance Composition (3 credits)
    • DNCE 3500 Theories of Performance (3 credits)
  • Fifteen additional dance (DNCE) credits; nine credits must be at the 100-level or above
  • Six additional credits in music (MU/MUL) and/or theatre (THE)

Major requirements

Beyond the classroom

The dance program's classes and performances take place all over campus, from Mann Gymnasium on Trinity Campus to the new dance studio at Cohen Hall for the Integrative Creative Arts. A yearly site-specific dance project has been set on the grounds of Southwick Hall on Redstone Campus, the newly renovated Alumni House, and other unique campus locations.

Our dancers are regularly invited to present works at regional ACDA (American College Dance Association) Festivals. Groups of dancers and faculty have also established an ongoing exchange with the dance program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Other past visit opportunities have included local elementary and high schools, Middlebury College, and Keene State College.


  • performer
  • choreographer
  • teacher
  • arts administrator
  • physical therapist