She Kills Monsters
By Qui Nguyen

Directed by Zeina Salame

The Play:

A comedic romp into the world of fantasy role-playing games! In this high-octane dramatic comedy laden with homicidal fairies, nasty ogres and 90's pop culture, acclaimed playwright Qui Nguyen offers a heart-pounding homage to the geek and warrior within us all.


Auditions: Monday, December 6 & Tuesday, December 7
Format: solo 15 minute audition blocks
Auditions will take place in the Theatre at RTT.


1-minute monologue from a contemporary play or text that you have memorized. You can expect some light coaching in the room, a chance to do the monologue again, and a brief chat with the director as a part of the process.


A printed out hard copy of a photo headshot  & typed resume (even if casual/self-made) are strongly encouraged but not required. A printed out HARD COPY of your tentative spring schedule and any other conflicts (work, classes, travel, etc.) to the best of your knowledge is REQUIRED at the time of your audition and will be attached to your audition form.


Students are strongly encouraged to read the play in advance of the auditions.
Auditioners will be considered for teh roles they specify interest in, regardless of character descriptions as presented in the text. We will be ignoring the construct of actor "type" in this production.
This production involves extensive fight choreography as well as some stage-kissing. Students should read for those moments in the text and be able to speak to their comfort levels. Your advance knowledge of the demands of each role will be extremely helpful as we have these conversations.


By invitation on December 8th & will include cold-reading scene work and ensemble improvisation.


In order to be eligible -- you must be available for ALL TECH REHEARSALS AND PERFORMANCE DATES.

TECH: February 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, March 2, 3, 14


PERFORMANCES: March 16,17, 18, 19 & 20

Please note -- we will NOT be rehearsing during spring break but cast members will be expected to stay engaged with the material on their own during that time.

Rehearsals take place on evenings and some weekends  during spring term. A draft of the rehearsal schedule will be available at auditions.


Students are STRONGLY encouraged to read the play before auditioning.

Most roles involve stage combat in some form. We will be working with a fight choreographer on this production.
All performers may also be asked to play monsters in various combat sequences.
Students of all/no genders are encouraged to audition for roles they are drawn to. Pronouns listed below reflect those used by the playwright in the text.
Each auditioner is invited to self-identify and speak to roles for which they most enthusiastically wish to be considered, as well as those they do not.
Please note, pending a discussion with the play's publisher, we may or may NOT be able to change bits of unnecessarily gendered language in the performance text.
Zeina will know more on this before the date of the auditions and will update the list accordingly.
Feel free to disregard the stage direction/text descriptions of character body types. We're doing our own thing.
Narrator: (any/no gender though noted as "female" in stage directions) An omniscient fantasy ccharacter who guides the audience through the story.
Tilly Evans aka "Tillius the Paladin": (she/her) a 16-year-old "girl nerd" whose D&D module takes her sister Agnes on an adventure toward reconnection and healing.
*This role requires stage kissing of the performer cast as Lilly.
Agnes Evans: (she/her) Tilly's older sister. A 24-year-old high school teacher grieving the loss of her entire family in a car accident. She is "average" in every way...or is she?
*This role requires stage kissing of the performer cast as Miles.
Chuck Biggs: (he/him) a cliche, grungy, 90's nerd  with a dated sense of humor. Serves as Agnes's Dungeon Master and mentor on the journey.
Miles: (he/him) Agnes's boyfriend/fiance. Kind of jealous and a bit of a 90's insecure-masculinity  cliche (think Ross Geller on Friends).
*This role requires stage kissing of the performer cast as Agnes.
"Lilith Morningstar" aka Lilly: (she/her) a "Demon Queen" warrior and hig school student secretly in love with Tilly.
*This role requires stage kissing of the performer cast as Tilly.
"Kalliope Darkwalker" aka Kelly: (she/her) a "Dark Elf" and high school student/friend of Tilly's . Ronnie's sister. The stage directions describe real-world Kelly as also living with cerebral palsy that affects the function of her legs such as that she uses crutches, something that her fantasy D&D character, Kalliope, does not live with.
"Orcus" aka Ronnie: (he/him) "The Overlord of the Underworld" and a high school student /friend of Tilly's. Kelly's brother. Loves 90s television.
Steve aka "Mage Steve": (any/no gender though noted as "he" in stage directions) an earnest and hapless adventurer and high school student for whom everything always goes wrong.
Vera & "The Beholder": (she/her) "Miss Martin", a sometimes salty and very direct high school guidance counselor and a friend of Agnes's.
"Farrah the Faerie" & extra high school student: (she/her) Happy, but not nice. An underestimated badass with strong boundaries, a short fuse, and a right hook.
"Evil Gabbi" aka Gabbi: (she/her) "Succubus" or "demon girl" in D&D realm and a cheerleader who bullies Tilly irl.
"Evil Tina" aka Tina: (she/her) "Succubus" or "demon girl" in D&D realm and a cheerleader who bullies Tilly irl.


Questions? Email the director at