Audition announcements:

UVM School of the Arts
Theatre & Dance Program

Dance Program
Dancing Uphill 2024
Auditions for Dancing Uphill 2024 will be held on September 8 at 6:30PM in Cohen Hall (room 110). 
Dancing Uphill is an annual event that explores the play, rigor, and collaboration that goes into dancing, dance-making, design, and creative research at the UVM Dance Program.
Dance faculty Paula Higa and Avi Waring will cast dancers for the upcoming guest artists residency, Julienne Doko from Denmark and Marcio Silveira from Canada. Both artists will be on campus in November to create a new work for Dancing Uphill concert 2024, alongside dance composition student/choreographers and Avi Waring. All are welcome!
Theatre Program
Imogen Says Nothing
SHOW: This is a new play (2017 premiere) by Aditi Brennan Kapil. Imogen says Nothing is a feminist revenge fantasia - a boisterous and theatrical hijacking of Shakespeare that gives voice to the silenced and oppressed; interrogating the absence of women on stage and the brutality of humankind. Oh…and  it has bears too!

SCHEDULE:  The play will begin a full rehearsal schedule evenings and weekends beginning Wednesday September 13th.  The play runs November 8-12th.

AUDITIONS:  All are welcome (any ethnicity, persons with disabilities, trans, and gender non-conforming folks) to audition on September 8th (6:30 - 9:30) and September 9th (10:30-1:30).  Callbacks occur on Sunday September 10 (times tbd).

Sign up for an audition time on the sign up sheets posted in the hallway outside the green room in the Royall Tyler Theatre.

CASTING: The casting breakdown is not the same as that in the script. Roles are distributed differently and an ensemble of 4 has been created to expand the number of opportunities for actors - from 9 to 13 in total. Because the play is situated in Elizabethan and Jacobean England when it was illegal for women to perform on stage, there are certain gender restrictions that must be adhered to in the gender each character “presents.”  Regardless of your gender identity in life, we ask that you agree to embody the gender presented as listed below for the character(s) you audition for.  Two of the added characters are designated as possibly  “female identifying” in the interest of creating gender parity since (due to the historical nature of the play) there is a heavy reliance on male characters.

13 Actors Total
Female presenting 2 - 4
Male presenting 9

Imogen: a Bear Passing as a human - required

Anna Roos: Queen Anne’s Danish maid,
Also plays Bear on Ice - required

Voice 2/ Fluffy 2 - the Bear/ Ensemble - optional

Voice 4/ Fluffy/ Isaac - the Bear/ Ensemble - optional

Male presenting required/some roles in drag

Voice 3/Harry Hunks/ Claudio* (if needed)
The Blind Elder/ Ensemble 

Voice 1/Ned Whiting (a noble Bear)
Ensemble/ Benedick * (if needed)

John Heminges: An Actor in Shakespeare’s Troupe
doubles as Leonato in the play within a play of Much Ado About Nothing

Henry Condell: An Actor in Shakespeare’s Troupe
also Don John in play within a play of Much Ado About Nothing
and Antigonus in play within a play of The Winter’s Tale

Alexander Cooke:An Actor in Shakespeare’s Troupe
doubles (in drag) as Beatrice in play within a play of Much Ado About Nothing

Nicholas Tooley: An Actor in Shakespeare’s Troupe
doubles (in drag) as Hero in play within a play of Much Ado About Nothing

Richard Burbage: An Actor in Shakespeare’s Troupe
doubles as Don Pedro in play within a play of Much Ado About Nothing

William Shakespeare: An actor and playwright in troupe
also plays “messenger” and Friar in play within a play of Much Ado About Nothing
Alsom plays Warden

Crier: bear owner and MC at bear baiting venue
also plays Conrade in play within a play of Much Ado About Nothing

Auditions will be scheduled with short segments to present a gender neutral monologue from the play and a chance to read a scene. All materials will be provided and need not be memorized.  A sign up sheet will be forthcoming!