Faculty in the health and society program teach in a variety of disciplines and involve undergraduate students in their research and open doors to fresh research opportunities in the field. UVM  also devotes an entire office to helping you to get involved in stimulating research projects before you graduate. Learn more about student research opportunities in our program.

  • Undergraduate Social Science Research in Medicine: Department of Medicine Resident and Health and Society Student Collaboration, University of Vermont. Email the HSOC Program Director during course registration period about opportunities and eligibility.
  • Research Opportunities: Undergraduate Social Science Research in Medicine - Sophomore standing or higher. Email the HSOC Program Director for more information.
  • Building hands-on research skills as an undergrad

    The Emergency Medicine Research Associate Program (EMRAP) is an excellent opportunity available to UVM students looking to get involved in clinical research. EMRAP students begin by taking the course EMED 3000 - Introduction to Emergency Medicine Research to learn about everything that goes on behind the scenes in clinical research including ethical dilemmas, protocols, standards, human rights, and the history of the field. In addition to lectures, students shadow healthcare providers in the UVM Medical Center Emergency Department. Students can then also enroll in EMED 3010 - Emergency Medicine Research I, where they work on officially obtaining consent from ED patients for clinical research trials being conducted by current UVMMC staff and upper-level EMRAP students. This is a perfect opportunity for students to learn the nuanced skills of patient-interaction and bedside manner. Students in EMED 3010  are also given the opportunity to propose their own research study. If approved by the IRB and awarded a grant, selected student projects are then carried out in the advanced course, EMED 3200 - Emergency Medicine Research II. Students can choose to continue to build their clinical research skills with staff in EMRAP in the MED 3393- Advanced Topics in Emergency Medicine Research course if desired. Each course and its opportunities within EMRAP offers valuable exposure to the clinical research field for students, showcasing the interconnected teams at the UVMMC working on promoting and advancing healthcare. It is very clear that the EMRAP staff and professors put so much of their personal time and effort into giving students priceless connections and opportunities, which has made this program one of the most valuable courses I have taken during my time here at UVM.

    -Lindsay Aldrich '20

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