Many of our students undertake internships abroad or in the U.S. with direct relevance to their health and society degree in non-profit organizations, businesses, government, media, and international organizations. You can receive credit for the internship, but even non-credit internships offer excellent opportunities for gaining priceless practical experience and networking opportunities.

Internship Forms For Health and Society Internships

If you would like to do an internship in Health and Society, either HSOC 2991 or HSOC 4991, please fill out the three forms below, get the approval of the course instructor and the internship supervisor, and submit the forms to the Program Director of HSOC at UVM.

HSOC Internship Course Agreement Form (MS Form)

HSOC Internship Agency Agreement Form (MS Form)

Internship Memorandum of Understanding (MS Form)


UVM College of Arts and Sciences

Internships Office in UVM College of Arts and Sciences

Sophia Trigg. Contact

UVM CAS Internship for HSOC Students

CAS 2920: Communities of Practice: Nonprofits & Social Change. Instructor: Barbara Rachelson.
Learn about Communities of Practice , Contact (email)

University of Vermont Medical Center

The University of Vermont Medical Center offers a variety of internships for students interested in exploring the health care system while providing entry-level, pre-professional experiences designed to enhance and build skills. Learn more about current internship opportunities.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Summer  Internship Program

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Internship Program is based out of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH, which provides access to more than 1,000 primary care doctors and specialists in almost every area of medicine. The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Internship Program combines work, professional development, mentoring and shadowing into a robust summer learning experience. Learn more and apply.

Community Health Media Internship

The Community Health Media Center is a student-powered, student-driven strategic communications firm based in Burlington. Students work with community leaders, health and wellness professionals and nonprofit organizations to build strategies and materials for amplifying community wellness messages.

Health Equity Internship Program Internship Award from the New English Public Health Training Center

NEPHTC selects a total of four to six students and projects per year in all six New England states. Students with community-based internship projects approved by a community host agency and their university's internship program can apply now on the NEPHTC website. Students receive a $3,500 stipend upon completion of their internship and submission of a final report or poster, which is provided to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Students should have a total of 200 hours of internship work or the number of work hours required by their school's internship program. Learn more about the program, review program guidelines, and apply online.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Internship Opportunities funded by the New England Public Health Training Center 

The first internship is with the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team to develop a Substance Misuse Data Dashboard using Power BI. The student will work with aggregate data sets (e.g. SATIS—Substance Abuse Treatment Information System and VPMS – Vermont Prescription Monitoring System) and determine the best data display methods for each indicator to create an interactive report.

The second internship is with the District Office in White River Junction to engage communities in a better understanding of social isolation and possible solutions, explore the literature on community and policy-based solutions to lessen social isolation and loneliness especially in seniors, and develop an implementation plan with local partners to expand or create programs or policy change that could lessen the negative impacts of isolation in our district.

  • Summer Internship Takes UVM Junior to Rwanda

    Charlotte Malling ’19 received the 2018 University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) Summer Internship in Kigali, Rwanda, offered by the UVM Career Center and the College of Arts and Sciences. UGHE is owned and operated by the non-profit organization Partners in Health. “I’m a big fan of the Partners in Health approach,” said Malling, who worked with staff to prepare the university for opening in the fall of 2018. “Their ethos is not to impose a medical system from the outside—it’s more about integrating resources and expertise into their existing system.”

    Read more of Charlotte’s story

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