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Global studies is an interdisciplinary topic exploring global issues from political science, economic, sociological, and anthropological lenses. A major in global studies provides you with a passport to entering a highly rewarding career in fields including international relations, international business, foreign diplomacy, non-profit organizations, and more. Our major program offers a selection of stimulating coursework that prioritizes class discussion, features dedicated and experienced faculty, and prepares students for an inspiring career. 

The requirements for the B.A. with major in global studies include thirty credits, including GRS 1500 (Introduction to Global Studies); GRS 4500 (Seminar in Global Studies); and four core courses drawn from disciplines relevant to Global Studies. To fulfill these core requirements, students should take one course from each of the following three thematic areas, and a fourth core course in the thematic area of their choice:

  • Political-Economic Perspectives on Globalization: POLS 1500, POLS 1700, CDAE 1020
  • Human and Environmental Perspectives on Globalization: ANTH 1100, GEOG 1760
  • Humanities Perspectives on Globalization: HST 1310, REL 1605, REL 1620, WLIT 1100

Additional Credits

The remaining 12 credits for the major should be drawn from the list of global studies electives each semester, a study abroad program, or in consultation with the GS advisor, and in a concentration area that reflects our core areas.

  • Political-Economic Perspectives on Globalization: CDAE 2020, GEOG 2705, GEOG 3770, HST 2240, POLS 2510, POLS 2530, POLS 3500, SOC 2210
  • Human and Environmental Perspectives on Globalization: ANTH 2191, ANTH 2170, ANTH 3145, ENSC 2300, GEOG 2235, GEOG 2250, GEOG 2780, HLTH 2050, POLS 2560
  • Humanities Perspectives on Globalization:  ENGL 2240, FTS 2060, REL 2652, REL 3625, SPAN 3102, SPAN 3665, SPAN 4665
  • Nine of these elective credits must be at the 1000-level or higher. No more than nine credits used toward the major may be taken from any one discipline.
  • In addition, students must complete 4 courses totaling at least 12 credits in a foreign language, at least 3 credits of which must be at the 1000-level or above; or a minor in a foreign language. Students studying a language not regularly offered at UVM are exempt from the 1000-level requirement.


  • Foreign Service/State Department
  • International Business
  • International Law
  • International Deveopment
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Education
  • Journalism