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The Global and Regional Studies Program at UVM is proud to recognize the achievements of students in our multiple programs through the following awards.  Awards are sometimes shared between multiple recipients and are not given out every year but on the basis of exceptional accomplishment.

Benedict Prize for Top Student Essay in International Affairs

Founded in 1906, this award honors the legacy of Robert D. Benedict who graduated from UVM in 1848 and went on to become one of the most famous admiralty lawyers and judges of the 19th century. In 1904 he delivered UVM's commencement address. The award is given to the best essay in international affairs and is open to senior students from any discipline.

Past Winners Include:

  • 2014: Tyler Purinton
  • 2016: Sammie Ibrahim and Scott Pavek
  • 2017: Sage Wilmot and Abigail Brown
  • 2018: Colin Rugg
  • 2019: Annie Ryan and Brenna Foley
  • 2020: Rachel Ocher, Jacob Shuey and Kayleigh Cavao
  • 2021: Eleni Dragon
  • 2022: Anitra Conover and Isabel MacGregor
  • 2023: Evie Wolfe and Avery Loucks

Global Studies Scholar Award

This award is presented to the outstanding senior who achieves exceptional scholarship in the Global Studies major as determined by a number of factors including but not limited to cumulative GPA, Global Studies GPA, independent research, theses writing, and general scholarship.

Past Winners Include:

  • 2012: Kalle Field, Tyler Wilkinson-Ray, and Jesse Mazar
  • 2014: Sydney M. Healey
  • 2015: Sarah Shaw
  • 2016: Sammie Ibrahim
  • 2017: Eric Kernan and Chiara Domestici
  • 2018: Michaela Hooper
  • 2019: Emma Lightizer and Kate Fain
  • 2020: Isabel Dunkley and Elizabeth Dunford
  • 2021: Darcy Eliot and Sophia Knappertz
  • 2022: Anitra Conover and Isabel MacGregor
  • 2023: Samantha Garbus and Avery Loucks

Global Studies Community Activism and Engagement Award

This award is presented to a graduating Global Studies major who balances a commitment to academic excellence and sustained involvement in creating positive social change through community activism and engagement in Vermont or beyond.

Past Winners Include:

  • 2012: Jesse Mazar and Tyler Wilkinson-Ray
  • 2015: Elizabeth E. Amler
  • 2017: Katie Hickey and Mary Petronio
  • 2018: Sarah Barrett
  • 2019: Mackenzie Murray and Emma Baylin
  • 2020: Rachel Ocher and Marisa Loury
  • 2021: Valentina Czochanski and Sara Sharpe
  • 2022: Jackson Henry
  • 2023: Lily Donnelly and Miles McCallum

Claire M. Lintilhac Memorial Award for Excellence in Asian Studies

This award is named in honor of Claire M. Lintilhac who lived and worked in China for fifty years, often as a midwife in remote areas of rural China. She spent the last several decades of her life in Stowe, and her gifts have long supported scholarship of Asia at UVM, primarily through a lecture series that bears her name. This award is given to the outstanding senior in Asian Studies based on his or her academic performance and commitment to the study of Asia.

Past Winners Include:

  • 2009: Douglas Farnham
  • 2010: Bailey Adie and Rachel McNeil
  • 2011: John F. DeCosta
  • 2012: William L. Berrey III
  • 2013: Grace Stanford
  • 2015: Johnathan M. Heinrichs, Maeve Herrick, and Hannah C. Pike
  • 2016: Jason Garland
  • 2017: Olivia Ambo
  • 2018: Monica Petras and Gabe Trotz
  • 2019: Stratton Coleman and Ian Lake

Outstanding Graduating Senior in the European Studies Program

This award is given to the graduating European Studies major who has most excelled in coursework, research, and study abroad.

Past Winners Include:

  • 2010: Bailey Adie, Samuel Lopez-Barrantes, and Matthew Green
  • 2011: Ariel Robbins
  • 2014: Bronwen E. Hudson
  • 2018: Will Fitz
  • 2021:Isabel Bailey

Dellin Memorial Prize Outstanding Senior in Russian and East European Studies

Past Winners Include:

  • 2009: Alexander Eleftherakis
  • 2023: Ben Asack

Global Studies Research Award

This is given annually to a student or students who have distinguished themselves in the area of research, as demonstrated through their completion of a thesis project, independent study, community-based research internship, or a similar enterprise.

Past winners include:

  • 2021: Sorrel Galantowicz
  • 2021: Alexandra Crosby
  • 2022: Claire Kohler
  • 2022: Annalisa Fiore
  • 2023: Evie Wolfe

GRS Prize for Study Abroad Reflection

This award is presented annually to a graduating GRS major for the most thoughtful reflective essay on the experience of studying abroad (600-800 words).

Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

  • 2023: Tiffany Phuong

Congratulations to our Graduates earning Honors designations!

Olivia Colavita
Kiki Carasi-Schwarz
Lily Donnelly
Samantha Garbus
Avery Loucks
Emma Nichols
Jon Shamash
Greta Solsaa
Kaitlyn Trottier
Evie Wolfe


Pedro Albizu Campos Award for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

2013: Miriam Ginsberg
2014: Marina R. Sterrer
2015: Andria Cobero
2017: Ryan Kabilian
2018: Liv Berelson
2022: Sienna Devoe-Talluto