Students in the Global Studies department at UVM have the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. 

Engaging in meaningful research before you graduate gives you the skills and real-world experience that graduate schools and future employers are always looking for.

  • Isabel Dunkley

    Grant-supported research in employment for new Americans

    As a first year student at UVM, Isabel Dunkley ’20 brought interests in social justice, travel, geography and building strong communities. She just didn’t know there was major called global studies.

    “I declared anthropology my major when I first got here,” she recalls. “I was looking to pick up a course and came across the description for global studies—it seemed very multi-disciplinary, something you could take in a lot of different directions.”

    Now a committed global studies student, Dunkley is taking advantage of undergraduate research opportunities offed through UVM’s Office of Fellowships, Opportunities and Undergraduate Research (FOUR). 

    Through FOUR, Dunkley received a Simon Family Public Research Fellowship. The grant supports students engaged in community-based research, and Dunkley will receive $6000 over a ten-week period split between research expenses and a stipend which pays for living expenses..

    “Thanks to generosity of the funders, it means I can really devote my time to research during the summer, without having to do a side job to make ends meet,” Dunkley says. “I’m really grateful for that.”

    Under the supervision of Professor Pablo Bose, Dunkley is investigating employment opportunities and challenges for refugee arrivals and New Americans in Vermont.

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Funding and Fellowships

The Office of Fellowships, Opportunities and Undergraduate Research (FOUR) provides competitively awarded funds for students conducting research.  Check out their grant opportunities and guidelines here. Targeted funding opportunities are available for students interested in conducting community-based, Vermont-based research, and environmentally-related research.

Funding awards to support student research projects are also available through the College of Arts & Sciences APLE awards program.  Applications for these awards are due on October 31 and February 15 each year.

Our students have been highly successful in winning these competitive grant awards to support their research.  Interested in pursuing research funding?  Speak with your advisor or research mentor about preparing an application.