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The Global Studies program acknowledges excellent performance in Global Studies by granting deserving students a BA in global studies with honors.  Senior students seeking honors recognition are required to submit a portfolio of work, including sample papers and a narrative explaining how the completion of any two of the following activities fits into their overall major. A committee of global studies faculty members review the portfolio and determines if the work is worthy of our honors designation.

Those students seeking this recognition must submit the following:

  • Graduating seniors with a BA in Global Studies
  • Minimum 3.5 GPA
  • Transcript showing received credit for language minor or double major, completion of semester of study abroad or internship (or appropriate alternative)
  • 2 relevant papers from GRS-related coursework at the upper level (ideally one assignment from GRS 4500 and one from any other GRS-approved upper level elective)
  • A narrative of between 2-4 pages explaining why you should receive this designation

Outstanding students pursue a rigorous program of academic study and must complete two of the following achievements towards earning an honors designation with their degree:

  • Completion of a minor or double-major in a foreign language
  • Completion of a thesis for honors through the College of Arts and Sciences Honors program
  • Completion of at least one semester of study abroad or an internship or service-learning experience (or appropriate alternative).



Fall graduates – December 15

Spring graduates – March 1

Please send all materials via email to Joshua Cheney