Each year the Global and Regional Studies Program awards a member of the UVM community the Robert V. Daniels Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of International Studies. Prof. Kevin McKenna tells the story behind this notable award below.

The Robert V. Daniels Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of International Studies was created in the spring of 2004 to honor Robert V. “Bill” Daniels, Professor Emeritus of the UVM History Department.  The Daniels family are no strangers to the University, with grandfather Archibald Lamont Daniels serving as a Professor of Mathematics at UVM, 1885-1915, and Bill’s father, Robert Whiting Daniels graduating from the University in 1915.

A native Vermonter, Bill received his A.B. degree from Harvard University, where he had met his bride-to-be, Alice, as an undergraduate student in an economics class they were taking together. He went on to complete his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Russian history, and shortly thereafter came to UVM as an assistant Professor of history. He was appointed associate professor in 1961 and full professor in 1964. From 1964-1969, Bill served as chairperson of the history department and also was the founder and director of the UVM Area Studies Program (now known as the Global and Regional Studies Program), 1962-1965. During his spare time in the 1970’s, Bill also served as a State Senator from Chittenden County in the Vermont State Legislature. Following a distinguished career of more than 30 years at UVM, he retired, in a manner of speaking, in 1988. After his retirement he continued to write, publishing an additional five seminal books on Russian history in his retirement. Bill Daniels passed away in 2010, but will be fondly remembered by the UVM community for his personal contributions to the field of international studies at UVM, and for his kindness and generosity as a friend and colleague.

The UVM Bailey-Howe Library lists more than twenty books written by professor Daniels. Included among them are: A Documentary History of Communism; Red October: The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917; Russia: The Roots of Confrontation; Trotsky, Stalin, and Socialism; End of the Communist Revolution; The Stalin Revolution: The Foundations of the Totalitarian Era; and Russia’s Transformation: Snapshots of a Crumbling System. The Fourth Revolution: Transformation in American Society From the Sixties to the Present, was published by Routledge Press in 2006.

Robert V. Daniels Award Recipients

2022: Caroline Beer, Professor of Political Science, Director of Liberal Arts Scholars Program for the Social Sciences

2019: David P. Massell

2017: Gayle R. Nunley, Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures

2016: Luis A. Vivanco, Professor Anthropology, and Co-Director, Humanities Program

2015: William E. Mierse, Richard and Pamela Ader Green and Gold Professor of Art History

2014: Dennis Mahoney, Professor of German

2013: Denise J. Youngblood, Professor of History

2012: Wolfgang Mieder, Professor of German and Folklore

2011: Dr. Juefei Wang, Professor Emeritus of the Asian Outreach Program
Program Director of the Freeman Foundation

2010: George H. Moyser, Professor Emeritus of Political Science
Director of European Studies 1991-1997

2009: Kevin J. McKenna, Professor of Russian
Director of  Area & International Studies, 1989-2007

2008: André Senécal, Professor Emeritus of French
Director of Canadian Studies, 1997-2006

2007: Peter Seybolt, Professor Emeritus of History
Director of Asian Studies 1969-2007

2006: Abbas Alnasrawi, Professor Emeritus of Economics

2005: William Metcalfe, Professor Emeritus of History

2004: Robert V. Daniels, Professor Emeritus of History