UVM Global and Regional Studies — promoting regional and global awareness, international development programs and exciting career opportunities.

For more than fifty years, UVM’s Global and Regional Studies Program (previously known Area and International Studies) has provided insights into the connections between people and place, labor and migration, identity, conflict and solidarity in multiple areas across the world. Drawing from distinct and overlapping traditions and disciplines, GRS students have been able to learn about, research and visit a range of different locations and contexts.

Rather than simply providing a window through which you can observe other regions of the world, the GRS programs engage with cultural, political, economic, environmental and social issues both specific to and in common with various regions. Within GRS there are a number of minors and areas of concentration students can focus on during their advanced studies including the thematic areas of Political-Economic, Human-Environment or Humanities Concentrations, or in regional progams focusing on Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Russia.

Through this program students will be prepared to enter exciting careers in government, the non-profit sector, law, business, cultural production, journalism, education, advocacy and social services.

Dr. Jonah Steinberg recently showcased his research in Marseille, France. The exhibit is devoted to the history and diversity of the Romani populations of Europe. Read Barvalo in English here.

Going Places

two students traveling abroad

Our students are amazing—they have gone on to pursue Fulbright Scholarships and study at top graduate programs. They have garnered cutting-edge positions in business, and rewarding humanitarian jobs. From political scientists specializing in the Middle East or Central Asia, to anthropologists working on Yoruba religion or bicycles in Colombia, faculty are excited about the questions they get to explore and the students they have the privilege to teach.

Cultural Immersion

Nearly all GRS majors participate in an academic semester or year-long study abroad program sometime between their sophomore and senior years. In addition to their academic work, many students are also actively involved in internship and service-learning programs in organizations and universities around the world. It is common to count many of these credits taken abroad toward the GRS area major or minor.

Making Connections

student presenting a slideshow of travel abroad

We bring scholars, political figures, artists, and activists to campus; strongly encourage our students to study abroad and conduct internships; and sponsor faculty-led study courses to sites around the world.