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Chemistry is a broadly based technical field that is the central science for many disciplines. Within the field of chemistry, there is substantial overlap with biology, biochemistry, pharmacy, forensics, medicine, materials science, computer science, engineering, physics, and more. As a well-trained, chemistry graduate from UVM, you will be prepared to excel in any technical area. Through our curriculum, you will also develop skills for original thinking, problem solving, and confidence, which will prepare you for any career path.

A degree in chemistry at UVM serves as a passport to a high paying career that can take you wherever you want to go. 

  • Launching into Academia

    After finishing his undergraduate career, Justin Pagano joined UVM's chemistry Ph.D. program. In 2015, Justin won a Suiter Prize this year to attend the American Chemistry Society (ACS) National Meeting in Dallas, and he was just awarded a prestigious fellowship to conduct research at Los Alamos National Laboratories. He reflects on choosing UVM's graduate program: "I visited a few other schools in addition to UVM, but none could really compare in my mind. Everyone seemed extremely friendly, and the research was top notch coming from everyone I met."

B.A. in Chemistry

A B.A. in chemistry is a valuable tool for those interested in obtaining jobs in and out of the chemistry field. Job opportunities in technical writing, patent law, small business, technical based product sales, high technology manufacturing, government, medicine, and pharmacy are likely for B.A. chemists. A B.A. in chemistry allows simultaneous pursuit of other undergraduate areas, including premedical training, environmental studies, business, computer science, and bioformatics, so the number of possible career paths is endless.

B.S. in Chemistry

The B.S. requires more coursework in chemistry than the B.A. program, so it opens up greater career opportunities in the mainstream of chemical manufacturing and chemical research. High-paying jobs are available in the petroleum and pharmaceutical industries, food chemistry, commodity chemicals, custom synthesis, environmental chemistry, polymers & plastics, materials sciences. Several chemically based companies are operative in the local area, which allows for the possibility of summer employment, internships, and personal connections for obtaining long term employment after graduation. The B.S. degree is the traditional training for students preparing to obtain a PhD in chemistry.

What's Next?


Connor Payne, a chemistry major in the Honors College, will go straight into a Ph.D. program at Harvard in the fall of 2017 in chemical biology. 


Amanda Graves graduated from UVM's chemistry graduate program and now works at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida.


Stephen Van Wyck turned down other top schools to start his Ph.D at Stanford University in the fall of 2017.