Internships in Anthropology

Internships offer students opportunities to connect their studies in anthropology to potential future careers. Anthropology professors and the College of Arts & Sciences Internship Program can help you identify internship options and connect you with resources on campus to receive academic credit or scholarship funding.

Anthropology Internship Agreement Form (PDF)

  • Teli Gelenian

    Podcasts for posterity

    Senior Tali Gelenian learned new ways to combine her anthropology major with minors in environmental studies and reporting and documentary storytelling during her summer internship at the summer at The Library of Congress Washington D.C. Gelenian worked as a summer Bartis Intern at the library’s American Folklife Center, helping to create a podcast series for the Occupational Folklife Project. Her responsibilities included research, identifying themes for scripts, gathering audio assets, and preliminary editing of episodes. “I've been exposed to a broad spectrum of public programs and archives work. This aligns with my interest in sharing cultural documentation to wider audiences, amplifying community voices and cultivating cross-cultural engagement and understanding,” Gelenian says. Her work also feeds into her senior honors thesis at UVM on a unique tradition practiced by Armenian-Americans in Racine, Wisc. “This experience has really informed my mission of integrating creative multimedia formats into the work of anthropologists and ethnography to increase the accessibility of cultural research.”