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Our department supports a range of study abroad, student research, internships, and other hands-on experiences. Most of our students integrate at least one high-impact hands-on experience into their undergraduate experience. We have deep knowledge of anthropologically-relevant study abroad programs in literally all corners of the world (seriously, we and our students go everywhere), as well as extensive ties in the greater Burlington area for students who want to undertake internships. A sample of recent internships includes work at museums, social work, legal aid, historical society, and environmental organization. We also have credit-bearing and sometimes paid research opportunities for students who want that experience, as faculty research assistants or through independent research funded through grants and awards. We help our first-year students and sophomores plan these things out by asking them to take the 1-credit Anth 2000 course, “Introduction to the Major.” 

At a dig site.

Hands-on experience

Many of our students undertake internships abroad or in the U.S. with direct relevance to their anthropology degrees--in not for profit organizations, businesses, government, media and international organizations. You can receive credit, but even non-credit internships offer excellent opportunities.

Exploring the tombs.

Global perspectives

Opportunities have included the study of prehistoric archaeological collections in the Caribbean, a study of artifacts from the American Southwest and Vermont, osteological analysis of human remains from South America, and linguistic anthropological analyses in Ukraine.

Study Abroad

Teaching assistantships

ANTH 2994 Teaching Assistant Practicum is designed to provide undergraduate teaching assistants in the anthropology department with a formal academic structure to support their learning while they assist department faculty as TA's.

Work study positions

UVM's anthropology department offers diverse positions to students eligible for the Federal Work Study Program. This is a great opportunity to get paid while doing meaningful work that's directly relevant to your future career.

Anthropology Club

With the support of a faculty advisor, the Anthropology Club is a student-run organization that provides more informal opportunities to share their enthusiasm for anthropology.
Looking for artifcts.

Beyond the classroom

Faculty in the anthropology department regularly involve undergraduate students in their research and open doors to fresh research opportunities in the field. UVM also devotes an entire office to helping you to get involved in stimulating research projects before you graduate.

Student Research
The cover of a scholarly work.

Scholarship and recognition

Outstanding performance and achievement in anthropology are recognized each year. Senior awards, named for renowned faculty members who made extraordinary contributions to UVM anthropology over the years, are presented to deserving seniors at the annual College of Arts and Sciences Awards ceremony.

Awards and Recognition