Internships in Anthropology

Internships offer students opportunities to connect their studies in anthropology to potential future careers. Anthropology professors and the College of Arts & Sciences Internship Program can help you identify internship options and connect you with resources on campus to receive academic credit or scholarship funding.

Anthropology Internship Agreement Form (PDF)

Anthropology Internship Agreement Form (DOCX)

FAQs on Internships and Anthropology at UVM (PDF)

  • Powell feeding giraffes

    Future zookeeper gains hands-on experience

    Erin Powell ’21, a double major in anthroplogy and zooology, describes her 2019 summer internship as “exhausting, messy and super-hot outside.” In the next breath she exclaims “I absolutely love it!” She’s working at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, taking care of the giraffes and an okapi (the closest relative to giraffes native to the rainforests of the Congo). It’s a job that includes significant feeding and care, including maintaining indoor and outdoor spaces for the animals. “I’ve always wanted to be a zookeeper,” says the zoology and anthropology double major from Fairfax, Virginia. “Next year I plan to do an internship at a different zoo, hopefully with another type of animal. I enjoy the giraffes, and have fallen in love with the okapi, but I'd like to get some different experience.” Despite the deprivations, her internship hasn’t dampened her enthusiasm for the work. She’s looking forward to taking the “Zoos, Exotics and Endangered Species” class at UVM next semester. (Photo courtesy of the Maryland Zoo).

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