Update regarding COVID-19 and 2020 summer internships:

On Thursday, April 16, the UVM Provost released guidance for summer elective internships for UVM credit. An elective internship is one that is not required for graduation (this will be the case for most internships for CAS students, but there are some exceptions. Contact Sophia Trigg with questions). UVM strongly advises that internships continue to be remote for summer 2020. But ultimately, it is up to the student and the internship supervisor to determine if an in-person internship can be carried out safely. In some cases, internships may start out remotely and then switch to in-person if the COVID-19 pandemic lessens later this summer. If the student will be recieving either credit, or funding, or both from UVM, they must sign off on the following statement: 

"If this internship includes in-person components, the student agrees to observe COVID-19 guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), including the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and all other health and safety protocols as required by the employer and by local, state, or federal regulations."

Please contact Sophia Trigg with questions or concerns. If enrolled in summer credit, please reach out to Richard Watts, instructor, for more information. 

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What are your passions? Are you ready for life after graduation? Internships should be experiences that help you discover who you are, what you enjoy, and what you are good at. Internships outside of your major or minor are often the most valuable as they impart transferable skills. Follow the steps below to find the perfect internship. 

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We understand that many students are juggling course work, rent, bills and part-time jobs. There are scholarships available to CAS students to help relieve the burden of unpaid work experience.

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Arts & Sciences Internship Policy: 

The College of Arts & Sciences follows the University Policy on Academic Internships with the following clarifications (as of April 2016): 

A maximum of 12 hours of internship credit may be counted toward the B.A. or B.S. degree. Individual departments determine whether internships count toward the major and minor. Students are expected to either enroll in an internship course or work independently with a faculty member to design a readings and research project that complements the internship activity. Internship work must be done during the same semester in which the student is enrolled for internship credit. 

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Check out the Career Center's full guide to getting an internship, or email CAS Internship Coordinator Sophia Trigg or Richard Watts.

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Intern Jamal Neal

Jamal Neal ('19, Neuroscience) interned at the UVM Interfaith Center during spring 2018. 

"I’m not entirely sure what I want to do yet but working in this internship has definitely helped start a path; it has provided me with a ton of insight for what I can do."

Intern Lilly Oates

Lilly Oates ('20, Political Science, English) interned during summer 2019 at the World Schools Debate Academy in Slovenia and was a recipient of the CAS Internship Scholarship. 

"This experience will allow me to network with and learn about teaching debate from some of the best and most experienced debate trainers in the world. Debate is very important to me and coaching students' debate has been a really fulfilling experience."