Get ready to Launch into your future!

College of Arts & Sciences students are taking advantage of classes, activities and experiences that strengthen connections between academics and the outside world. 

Think about your classes. Now, think about your extracurriculars. What skills and core competencies are you developing in each? Where could you make connections between them? 

Launch is designed to help you think about what your liberal arts education can do for you. Click on one of the areas below to learn more!

Experiential Learning Center

This is a great place to start. Explore these classes and programs to get faculty-supported experiences as you figure out your goals for the future. 

CAS Internship Program

Ready to take the next step? Our Internship Program can help you hone in on your skill set. Check out the opportunities below or make an appointment with our Internship Program Coordinator in Navigate. 

Future Hub

Let's make a plan. Find out how CAS and the Career Center can work together to make you future-ready.